IoT SparkFun SAMD21 Pro RF RFM95W - LoRa radio module

Index: SPF-13065

Low power IoT (Internet of Things) long-range communication module. It uses SAMD21 microcontroller and RFM95W radio module to create point-to-point connections. The product is fully compatible with Arduino, there is also LoRa library with set of all instructions to create IoT connections.

IoT SparkFun SAMD21 Pro RF RFM95W - LoRa radio module
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Low powerIoT(Internet of Things)long-range communicationmodule. It uses theSAMD21microcontroller andRFM95Wradio module to create point to point connections. Each pin on the module has its own grounding which makes it easy to connect, for example, LEDs or buttons.

The range, using a simple several-centimetre cable soldered into the ANT pin, is about 1.5km infree space, however, it is possible to connectalargerantenna via au.FLplug, which will providea much larger range depending on the antenna used.

On the left, the connection of an external antenna via the u.FL. connector,

on the right, the cable soldered to the ANT pin which acts as an antenna.

On the board there is also a power on/off switch and a 2-pinJSTconnector enabling power supply from ali-polbattery.In case of connecting the power supply viamicroUSBcableandswitching the power to OFF, the module will charge the battery with 500 mA. The product is fully compatible withArduino,there is also a LoRa library with a set of all instructions for creating IoT connections. Besides, after closing two jumpers on the inner part of the module, it is possible to switch it into LoRaWAN modeallowing to connect sensors or other devices to the Internet through the module.

LoRaWan jumpers.

Output description

RAW Additional power supply max. 6 V
GND Grounding
3v3 3.3 V output

3.3 V output

D2, D3, D4, D5, D9

Digital I/O pins

A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 Analogue I/O pins
RX/TX Serial ports
ANT Antenna for radio module


  • Manufacturer: Spark Fun
  • Microcontroller: SAMD21
  • Radio module: RFM95W
  • Radio frequency: ISM 915 MHz
  • Power supply voltage:
    • microUSB: 5 V
    • Battery: up to 6 V
    • Pin RAW: up to 6 V
  • Recommended battery: Minimum 500 mAh Li-pol
  • Current consumption: 3 to 17 mA

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