Original Prusa Curing and Washing Machine CW1

Index: PSA-19048 EAN: 5904422368319
The original Prusa CW1 is a device designed for processing 3D prints made of resin. It enables washing, drying and curing of finished models. An additional function of CW1 is heating the resin before forming the printout. The product is a separate, compact device. It is recommended for use with Prusa SL1 printer.
Original Prusa Curing and Washing Machine CW1
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Original Prusa Curing and Washing Machine CW1S
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Product description: Print Curing Washer Original Prusa CW1

Original PrusaCW1is a device designed for processing3Dprintsmade of resin. It enables washing, drying and curing of finished models. An additional function of CW1 is heating the resin before forming the print. The product is a separate, compact device. It is recommended for use withPrusa SL1 printer.

In the offer of our shop you can findOriginal Prusa SL13D printer and a set ofOriginal Prusa SL1 with Prusa CW1 print hardening washer.

Myjka utwardzająca wydruk Oryginalna Prusa CW1

Prusa CW1 print curingwasher.

Poszczególne etapy obróbki końcówki

Individual stages of tip processing.

Washing, drying and curing

Immediately after printing is completed, 3Dresinmodels are quite soft and sticky. For proper hardness and surface properties, they should be washed in isopropyl alcohol, dried with warm air and cured with UV light.

  • The finishedmodels are washedto remove any remaining uncured resin from their surface. Prusa CW1 has a special tank made of stainless steel in which a magnetic stirrer is placed. Once the tank is filled withisopropyl alcohol, the agitated liquid washes away the 3D model, even reaching hard-to-reach areas. This method works also for the smallest prints.
  • Resin drying. The next stage of model processing is its thorough drying. This process allows to avoid streaks and stains on the resin.
  • Curing. The final stage of processing is curing of washed and dried 3D printout. The resin is cured by exposing it to UV light. In Prusa CW1, 4 UV LED strips are responsible for this process.

Resin heating

Resins that are used as printing materialstend to change their consistencyif they are not used for a while. Therefore, it is essential to mix the resin thoroughly (usually by shaking the bottle vigorously enough). Prusa CW1 additionally allows theprinting material to be heatedto the right temperature before moulding. This improves the performance of both the 3D printer and the resin.

Odpowiednie przygotowanie żywicy przekłada się na wyższą jakość wydruku 3D

Proper resin preparation translates into higher quality 3D printing.

Łatwe sterowanie

Prusa CW1 display.

Easy to use

CW1 is easy to operate even for less experienced users. The printer uses anIR sensorto detect whether the isopropyl alcohol tank is in the right place. The device then displays the corresponding functions for selection.

Technical specification of Prusa CW1 print curing washer

Technical specification
Input voltage: 100 to 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, (2 A)
Output voltage: 24 V (6.67 A)
Average power consumption: 130 W
Number of UV LED strips: 4
UV LED wavelength: 405 nm
Maximum power of UV LEDs: 52,8 W
Operating temperature: 16°C to 38°C
Ambient humidity during operation: below 85%
Product dimensions: 218 x 345 x 232 mm

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