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Arduino Portenta boards

The Italian manufacturer Arduino introduced a series of Portenta boards, which have been appreciated by customers because of their full professionalism. Portenta are systems equipped with microcontrollers, which are extremely efficient and energy-saving, with their cores working independently of each other, resulting in the highest functionality. Portenta's systems are dedicated to work with IoT systems (Internet of Things) and will perfectly fulfill their tasks in the field of industry and agriculture. The products have WiFi modules, battery power supply and 80-pin connectors that enable work on more peripherals. The Portenta series is also suitable for handling Artificial Intelligence tasks. Moreover, Arduino Portenta main modules have dimensions compatible with the MKR board family. In the Portenta series there is also Carrier Board, which has the ability to connect aerials, other in and out devices, and the serial interfaces such as RS232/485 and CAN. Portenta series is an advanced circuitry with great versatility and it can be used for various purposes.

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Arduino Portenta H7 - ABX00042

Arduino Portenta H7 is a representative of a new family of systems designed for IoT applications. This efficient and at the same time energy-saving board thanks to...
Index: ARD-16219
Index: ARD-16219
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Arduino Portenta Vision Shield - LoRa - shield with camera

Vision Shield overlay for Portent 's industrial Arduino module. It features a 324 x 324 px sensor camera that uses cores on Portent's Arduino to run recognition algorithms...
Index: ARD-18429
Index: ARD-18429
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Index: ARD-18428
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Arduino Portenta H7 – new board manufactured by Arduino

Arduino Portenta H7 is a professional board designed for high demanding industrial applications, especially in the IoT industry. The board is small-sized, but extremely efficient and energy-saving above all. Portenta board is equipped with STM32H747 microcontroller with Cortex-M7 core (up to 480 MHz) and Cortex-M4 core (up to 240 MHz). The construction of the Portenta board ensures that two independent tasks are able to be performed at the same time.

Moreover, Arduino Portenta H7 supports programs written in Arduino, MicroPython or JavaScript language. The board also includes a cryptographic chip, LiPo charger chip, WiFi and Bluetooth module. Furthermore, it is also possible to communicate via the LoRa, LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT standards. The new Portenta board performs works that require the use of artificial intelligence, cameras, specialized communication interfaces, and even extensive, custom peripherals.

Arduino Portenta - what are its greatest advantages?

Even without extensions, the Arduino Portenta H7 remains very flexible and efficient. The high functionality is a result mainly of the two threads that can work separately due to the Remote Procedure Call mechanism. The shape of the board has been adjusted to the MKR standard, making it compatible with Shields. The board is versatile and compatible. With the dedicated Carrier expansion board, the functionality of the H7 board is further enhanced with 80-pin connectors. USB, RJ-45, CAN bus, audio input and output, camera and DisplayPort output. With Gigabit Ethernet support, it is possible to develop the board into a small Access Point, network drive or UART to Ethernet converter. There is also a SIM card connector available on the module, so you can connect Arduino to NBIoT or GPRS network. The board can also communicate via LoRa technology. Moreover, capabilities of the board can be further extended by means of AI modules connected via miniPCI interface.

Meet the practical use of the Portenta boards!

Arduino Portenta can perform many complicated tasks simultaneously. This means that while one core will be busy performing a simple task, the other will be able to calculate a complex algorithm. The board also allows to run processes created with TensorFlow™ Lite software, which is used for machine learning and neural networking. Using such an advanced architecture allows to support applications, programs and codes such as: Arduino (using Arm® Mbed™ OS), Mbed™, Micropython / Javascript and TensorFlow™. One of the functions of the board is the possibility to use a chip with a built-in graphic accelerator. The STM32H747 microcontroller GPU allows the Portenta H7 board to connect to an external monitor. An additional extension of Portenta Carrier allows you to create an eNUC-class computer. The GPU also features a JPEG encoder and decoder. In addition, the board is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 LE and WiFi 65 Mbps. Communication via LoRa, LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT standards is also possible. Portenta board is therefore a perfect tool both for the industry engineers and the advanced individual programmers who would like to explore the electronics in their own projects.