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Arduino Portenta boards

Products: 4

Arduino Portenta H7 - ABX00042

Arduino Portenta H7 is a representative of a new family of systems designed for IoT applications. This efficient and at the same time energy-saving board thanks to...
Index: ARD-16219
Index: ARD-16219
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Regular price €110.93 Price €110.93

Arduino Portenta Vision Shield - Ethernet - shield with camera

Arduino Portenta Vision Shield designed for Arduino Portenta used for industrial projects. The overlay is equipped with a camera with 324 x 324 px resolution sensor, which...
Index: ARD-18428
Index: ARD-18428
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Regular price €54.65 Price €54.65

Arduino Portenta Vision Shield - LoRa - shield with camera

Vision Shield overlay for Portent 's industrial Arduino module. It features a 324 x 324 px sensor camera that uses cores on Portent's Arduino to run recognition algorithms...
Index: ARD-18429
Index: ARD-18429
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On request. Waiting time 10-30 days
Regular price €81.16 Price €81.16

Arduino Portenta Breakout - ASX00031

The board is an extension of Arduino Portenta module with additional connectors and leads. The Portenta Breakout module features a power switch, a DIP switch for selecting the...
Index: ARD-19462
Index: ARD-19462
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Regular price €43.95 Price €43.95

Arduino Portenta – the newest smart board for advanced and industry use

Surely you've heard about the Arduino company, which – together with Raspberry Pi – have dominated the market of programmable electronics intended for electronics hobbyists, but also professionals. The offer of Arduino development boards is extremely wide. We can choose from a variety of small mini-computers and microcontrollers, equipped with powerful microprocessors and advanced sensors.

These devices have been a huge success around the world. They are now used by millions of electronics enthusiasts, pupils and students from all over the world. Nevertheless, Arduino is not only about educational kits and simple development boards for amateurs. It is also a fully exclusive and advanced equipment that can be used to create your own weather station, home electronics management center, monitoring etc. There are many versions of such tiles, which differ in terms of equipment and technical capabilities. A completely new product was presented at the recent CES 2020 technology conference. Yes, it is about Arduino Portenta – the newest board and the one that revolutionizes widely understood home programmable electronics. Portenta is perfect for complex industrial applications and advanced use. See below, why it is so!

Arduino Portenta – special parameters, features and much more possibilities than MKRs!

Various Arduino boards were often used for tasks that did not require the use of imaging tools or other digital signals. Although it was possible, many features were missing. The new Arduino Portenta series microcomputers meet the needs of more advanced enthusiasts of electronics and are fully technically prepared for various demanding applications.

Arduino Portenta is able to handle tasks that use artificial intelligence algorithms. Potent is often used to analyze an image or other signals: both digital and analog. At the same time, these products are quite universal, which is favored by keeping the size consistent with the standard known from the Arduino MKR series. This means that all models of the Portenta series are compatible with all overlays that fit the MKR series.

The Arduino Portenta, however, has much more possibilities than the boards and such advanced boards from the MKR series. Most importantly, note that there are as many as 80 additional pins on the bottom of the board. The Arduino Portenta series boards are also compatible with the MKR standard and are not limited by too few pins. They can be used to create various electronic projects, both robots and automatic production control systems or software related to artificial intelligence!

Choose the best version of Arduino Portenta!

In this category you will find different versions of the Arduino Portenta. At the beginning, a good choice may be the basic board from the Portenta series - Arduino Portenta H7. The device is equipped with a specialized system of two asymmetric processor cores. This allows you to work with two completely different tasks simultaneously.

Portenta can work simultaneously on low level tasks and more advanced works (A.I.) The STM32H747 microcontroller with a Cortex-M7 core (480Mhz) and a Cotex-M4 core (up to 240Mhz) will use the modern Arm Pelion technology. 'On the board' we can also find built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless interfaces, allowing the use of the Access Point. Lots of connectors and outputs (DisplayPort, USB C), proprietary NXP SE0502 cryptographic chip, special battery charging system, meters, sensors, UART system... there are so many technical advantages of Portenta that they're really hard to explain in one place! See it for yourself on a given product card or just get your Portenta right now!