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Jigsaws are versatile power tools, thanks to which you will be able to comfortably cut almost any materials in a straight line as well as curved. Jigsaws are used for cutting wood and plastics, and some specialized jigsaws are also used for cutting metals and aluminum. With the help of such a tool, we can create many interesting projects. When preparing for a given DIY project, e.g. a home automation system, we usually think about the use of individual electronic modules. These types of tools, however, should also look aesthetically pleasing, and boxes for them, e.g. wooden, can be made using tools such as jigsaws. The products presented in this category will also be great for processing sculptures, furniture, floors, building facade ornaments, and for many other applications. Our range includes wireless jigsaws with rechargeable batteries that provide optimal cutting performance for a variety of applications. Their great advantage is their convenient operation regardless of the 230 V power supply - wireless jigsaws do not need to be connected to a power source.
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Cordless jigsaw Rebel RB-1031 20V 2A with accessories

The Rebel cordless jigsaw is designed for cutting wood, aluminium and mild steel. It is equipped with a double-sided cutting angle adjustment up to 45°. It has an adapter for...
Index: LEC-18026
Index: LEC-18026
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How does a jigsaw work and how is it built?

The jigsaw is equipped with a switch (trigger), usually integrated with the engine speed controller. The cutting part of the jigsaw, the saw blade, is set in motion by the crank mechanism of the engine mounted on this tool. Wireless manual jigsaws resemble drills in many respects. Gradually releasing the trigger reduces the engine speed, so the blade travel speed is proportionally reduced as well. This allows the cutting force to be precisely adjusted with the jigsaw. To increase the stability of the device while cutting materials, the device is mounted on a special metal base. Many products have an angle of inclination that can be adjusted to make square and miter cuts.

Jigsaws are power tools that are perfect where you need to cut something and make a given shape in the material you’re working on. The narrow blade of the jigsaw allows a lot of freedom in terms of the type of cut - pressing force and provides great maneuverability.

When choosing a tool, it is worth checking the type of saw blade attached. The principle is that the more teeth per inch a saw blade has, the smoother the cut it will provide. Blades with a lower tooth density per inch provide faster cutting and thus perfectly fulfill their function when cutting in harder materials.

How to use a jigsaw properly?

Using a jigsaw is not complicated, but you should be careful. Cutting with a jigsaw should be performed carefully and slowly so as not to accidentally damage the material being processed or injure yourself. It is important to properly select the place where the material will be cut. The dimensions of the table for processing wood or other place should allow for free movement of the saw blade without the risk of collision with the ground.

If you want to use a jigsaw to cut metal, aluminum or plastic, it's a good idea to embed the material on the surface on a wooden base. Thanks to this, the process of cutting the material will be more damped. In order to obtain the greatest possible cutting precision, it is worth using the highest rotational power. Only after hovering over the material, you can later reduce the power to adjust the profiling.

Cutting materials with a jigsaw – safety rules

The best wireless jigsaws that you will find in this category of the Botland store are devices from reputable manufacturers. They are equipped with a number of protection functions. However, the responsibility for the safety of cutting materials rests most often with the user, so remember to maintain the highest health and safety standards.

If you are finished with your jigsaw or need to take a break to change the cutter blade, be sure to disconnect the power cord.

Be sure you always check the blades carefully and use only fully sharpened blades. A dull blade can jam and cause an accident. Before commencing cutting, make sure you have personal protective equipment. Wear safety glasses, a dust mask, and earplugs. Make sure you have the right work clothes - it must fit your body, but it must not be too embarrassing so that it does not restrict your movements. Before starting work, be sure to read the instructions that you will find inside the package. Just get in touch with us if needed. Enjoy your shopping!