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Klawiatury numeryczne, membranowe

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Numeric self-adhesive membrane keypad - 4 keys

Simple numeric keypad with numbers: 1 to 4. Self-adhesive tape on the back for easy installation.
4.0 (2)
Index: MOD-04266
Index: MOD-04266
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Numeric keypad, self-adhesive, 12 keys

Simple numeric keyboard with the numbers from 0 to 9 and the signs: * and #. The reverse side has a self-adhesive tape for facilitating the installation.
5.0 (5)
Index: MOD-01681
Index: MOD-01681
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Numeric keyboard - 12 keys

The keyboard has numbers from 0 to 9 and the signs: * and #. The buttons are connected into a matrix so for the detection of 12 buttons, you need only 7 pins of the...
5.0 (3)
Index: SPF-02202
Index: SPF-02202
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Goods pending acceptance - available within a few days
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What are the number keys for?

Numeric keyboards have one basic function - it is to enter numerical data into a computer or other logical system. Although a standard keyboard in desktop and laptop computers usually has a dedicated panel above the fields where the letters are located, it is not able to fully replace the numeric keyboard. This is because the numeric keys on the numeric keypad have the same layout as in standard calculators, which makes work much faster and allows for additional applications. For example, the numeric panel can be used for navigation, replacing the arrow keys under the right-hand Shift key. This is especially convenient in computer games, because in addition to moving forward, backward, right and left, this keyboard also allows you to move at an angle. The numeric keys are also often used by programmers, especially those working on microcontrollers, to which a stand-alone numeric keyboard is often connected. This type of keyboards is also commonly used in many devices and systems, for example in payment terminals or access control installations.

Types of numeric keyboards

Numeric keyboards often differ significantly from each other. For example, they may have a different number of buttons (3 x 4 or 4 x 4, but also 4 x 5) and different key configurations and functions (usually numbers from 0 to 9 plus special characters * and #, but also Insert, Delete, Enter, some letters and many others). Numeric keyboards are made in the same technologies as the usual ones - so there are mechanical, membrane, scissor, hybrid and touch models available. Depending on the intended use, the numeric keypad may, for example, have a lead with a different number of pins (separate pins for each row and column), communicate with the central unit via USB or operate wirelessly (using Bluetooth technology, among others). The function of the numerical panel can be performed by digital keyboard (it can be used in cooperation with Raspberry Pi) or analog keyboard (recommended for example for Arduino).

The most popular applications of numeric keypad

The numeric keypad can be found in many everyday situations. Popular applications include cash registers and payment terminals, where a numerical panel is used. It is also used in many everyday devices, such as microwave, intercom or calculator. The numeric keypad will also work well in many electronic projects - for example, you can use it to expand the capabilities of the development board or control the robot. Another use is for access control devices used in security systems: for example, burglar alarms or code doors and wickets.

What numeric keypads do you find in this category?

Our range offers a wide variety of numeric keypads, including 3 x 4, 4 x 4 and 4 x 5. There are, for example, membrane technology models that are highly resistant to moisture and dirt and are easy to keep clean and very quiet. In our shop you will also find numeric keypads with touch keys. We also offer the same matrices with different number of tact switch type buttons, on the basis of which you will be able to build your own numeric keypad. The products available in this category come from renowned electronics manufacturers, such as Waveshare or DFRobot, and will work perfectly well as part of many electronic projects. You can also use them as a way of entering data into a microcontroller or as an interesting alternative when playing computer games (for example using the Raspberry Pi single disc computer).