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Parts kits - Creality

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Dual Screw Rod Upgrade Kit for 3d printer Ender-3, Ender-3 Pro, Ender-3 V2

Upgrade kit that allows you to install a dual Z-axis in Creality's Ender-3 series 3D printers. The package includes a stepper motor screw, threaded screw rod, connecting...
4.9 (17)
Index: CRL-19966
Index: CRL-19966
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Regular price €31.50 Price €31.50

Creality Resin Tool Kit for 3D printer

A set of tools necessary to work with resin 3D printers. The package includes a plastic spatula, brush, funnel made of stainless steel, silicone funnel, PVC gloves and a...
4.7 (3)
Index: CRL-21831
Index: CRL-21831
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Original spare parts kits for Creality Ender series printers

Replacement of consumable parts in 3D printers is most often dictated by damage to individual components or the need to replace worn elements. In this section you can find e.g. original replacement components for selected models of Creality printers from the Ender series. We offer e.g. sets consisting of a limit switch module, toothed belts, bolts with washers and nuts. Particularly noteworthy are the original upgrade kits compatible with selected models of Creality 3D printers from the Ender series. Such sets include stepper motor, wire, screw speed and assembly components. Such a set allows for quick and, above all, trouble-free installation of the double Z axis.

Spare kits for Creality CR series printers

Other proposals are sets of spare parts compatible with selected models of Creality 3D printers from the CR series. We offer e.g. sets containing consumable parts such as limit switch module, guide rollers, nozzles, thermistors, toothed belt, heating tubes and other parts.

Another proposal is sets that, in addition to the above components, also contain male pins for the housing, insulating tape, hotend head equipped with a thermistor, a tube that supplies the filament, male plug housing, pneumatic connector, pliers and other accessories.

Other spare parts for Creality 3D printers

The assortment of our store also includes original tool kits designed to work with Creality resin printers. The sets consist of from a spatula, brush, funnel, gloves and a pad. In addition, we offer reinforcement kits for 3D printers, and more specifically the Z axis. Thanks to them, the device is even more stable during operation.

Why choose original spare parts?

The choice of original components is not only a guarantee of compatibility, but also a long service life. The use of high-quality spare parts ensures proper operation of the entire device and setting the correct printing parameters.

Before choosing a set of spare parts, first of all, check the compatibility of the set with your 3D printer. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail, telephone or via the contact form.