Simple light follower robot DIY kit

Index: ROB-00277 EAN: 5904422372521

Set includes elements for building a simple light follower robot. The robot requires no programming, making it ideal for beginning your journey with robotics.

Simple light follower robot DIY kit
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Set allows you to build an educational project, that is a robot following the light. The model uses two simple sensors (phototransistors) and the driver for DC motors. The electronic system has a microcontroller, so there is no need to create software that makes the robot ideal for the start of your adventure with robotics.


You can find the full course of manufacturing robots on the roboticsforum

The lessons are written in a simple and understandable way by an author of many interesting articles.


Set includes:

  • Universal board
  • Bridge L293D H
  • Stand
  • Goldpin 1x40 simple
  • Resistor 100 kOhm - 10 PCs. or a substitute with similar values
  • Resistor 47K - 10 PCs. or a substitute with similar values
  • Resistor 10 kOhm - 10 PCs. or a substitute with similar values
  • Twisted-pair cables of 0.5 m to create connections
  • Box for 3 AA batteries
  • Phototransistor L-53P3C - 2 PCs.



In our store you will findtools necessary in everyrobotics workshop andbatteriesto power the robot.

Zapakowany i opisany zestaw do budowy prostego robota


In our offer you can also find the Magician Chassis,which can be used as chassis for the light follower.


Koła oraz platformy nośne do budowy robota       


The light follower kit does not contain chassisthe Magician Chassis, it must be purchased separately.


We also invite you to visit our website:




Chassis - wheels 2
Chassis - type accessories
Chassis + drive no
Chassis + driver: no
Test 3

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Simple light follower robot DIY kit


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