Alcohol dye for epoxy resin Royal Resin - transparent liquid - 15ml - gray

Index: ROY-19771 EAN: 5903672728720
Alcohol liquid dye, grey in colour, is designed for tinting epoxy resin. Alcohol dyes combine very well with Royal Resin Crystal and Clear resins, without causing porridge effect. A 15 ml package is enough to color 1 kg of resin. Royal Resin alcohol stains can be mixed with each other.
Alcohol dye for epoxy resin Royal Resin - transparent liquid - 15ml - gray
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Manufacturer: Royal Resin

Description: Royal Resin epoxy alcohol colourant - liquid transparent - 15 ml - grey

gray liquid alcoholcolorant, designed for coloring epoxy resin. Alcohol dyes combine very well withRoyal ResinCrystal and Clearresins, without causing a groat effect. A 15 ml package is enough to color 1 kg of resin. Royal Resinalcohol dyes can be combined with each other, creating various patterns thanks to their specific properties.


Alcohol dyes can be neutralized by some resins and will disappear.

Barwnik alkoholowy do żywicy epoksydowej Royal Resin - transparentny w płynie - 15ml - szary Royal Resin alcohol colourant for epoxy resin - transparent liquid - 15 ml - grey.

Intensywność otrzymanego koloru zależy od ilości dodanego barwnika. The intensity of the colour obtained depends on the amount of dye added.

Characteristics of alcohol dyes:

  • the dye may delaminate, it is recommended to mix it thoroughly before use
  • very easy to combine with resins, gives amazing effects
  • when added to resin dye combines with it and floats below the surface
  • after longer mixing of the resin with alcohol dye we get the effect of coloring
  • leaving the dye open will cause it to solidify (no longer usable)

In dyes diluting medium is alcohol. It combines very well withRoyal Resin resins(dye has not been tested on other resins). It isrecommended to do a test before final use of the product.

Examples of projects of combining alcohol dyes with resin.

Przykładowy projekt

Przykładowy projekt

Sprawdź także inne kolory znajdujące się w naszej ofercie. Check also other colors of dyes in our offer.

Colour gray
Mass 15 g
Package width 7 cm
Package height 3 cm
Package depth 12 cm
Package weight 0.045 kg

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