LEGO Adapter - 3mm Shaft - Pololu 1011

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The adapter allows you to connect the lego wheels with hexagonal shafts of 3 mm.

LEGO Adapter - 3mm Shaft - Pololu 1011
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Manufacturer: Pololu


The product has been discontinued. Check other products in category.

Product description: Adapter LEGO - shaft of 3 mm

Adapter allows you to connect the cheap and trailer Lego wheels with the available in our store popular engines. The adapter is designed for the hexagonal shaft but after a light drilling of a hole, it can also be used with round shafts or shafts of type D (e.g. shaftsfor Pololu micro-motors). The set includes two adapters.


LEGO - wał 3 mm


Installation manual

1. Place the adapter on the shaft, push firmly.

2. Insert the adapter into a LEGO wheel.


LEGO - wał 3 mm


Package width 7.5 cm
Package height 1 cm
Package depth 8.5 cm
Package weight 0.002 kg

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