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Output voltage 9V

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Linear voltage regulator kit - 5V-24V TO220 - 14pcs

Set of 14 popular regulators in TO220 housing.
4.8 (4)
Index: UCC-07580
Index: UCC-07580
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Linear voltage regulator 9V L7809CV - THT TO220

Stabilizer used to supply logic systems supplied with 9 V. The maximum output current is 1 A.
5.0 (4)
Index: UCC-01902
Index: UCC-01902
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What is a stabiliser? It is an electronic circuit whose task is to modulate the voltage so as to maintain a constant voltage or current at its output, regardless of the input conditions. The most popular are constant voltage regulators, but there are also alternating voltage regulators. Current stabilisers are built on top of voltage stabilisers. Using negative feedback circuitry, it compares the output voltage with the voltage source reference. A control signal is then produced which affects the regulating element in such a way as to counteract changes in the output voltage. In this way, we can achieve, for example, an output voltage of 9 V.

Development of stabilizers

Initially, discrete elements such as Zener diodes, transistors or tubes were used for linear stabilisation. With the development of technology, these elements were replaced by integrated circuits, which have better performance. Nowadays, these circuits are so advanced that practically all of them have built-in protection against overload or overheating. The vast majority of stabilisers are built as three-terminal circuits. We have also moved away from expensive metal enclosures to cheaper plastic ones. The output voltage of 9 V is one of the possible configurations of the circuit.

Parameters of stabilizers

Among them we can distinguish nominal output voltage and tolerance up to 5%. Thanks to this it is possible to obtain 9 V of output voltage. Each stabilizer also has a voltage stabilization factor. It is expressed by the ratio of the change of the output voltage to the input voltage. A good quality stabiliser will have a low coefficient. You may also encounter the term energy efficiency, although stabilisers are generally low in efficiency.