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Output voltage 10V

The basic value in the field of electronics is the current voltage. In this section you will find voltage stabilizers, which are available as integrated circuits with an output voltage of 10 V. They are devices useful in many applications. The basic equipment of each electronics and electrical engineering, but not only. Also, if you are interested in programmable electronics, this type of product will probably be useful sooner or later. Some modules may require an output voltage of 10 V and not the popular 12 V or 8 V. On this page you can check and buy various types of integrated circuits. We also offer stabilizers with other output voltages, as well as those with an adjustable output voltage. We invite you to purchase, and in case of doubts or problems with the selection of the system, please contact our technical department. We love electronics and will be happy to help you choose the right device for your application. Find out about it. Everyone will find something for themselves in our online Botland store!
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Linear voltage regulator 10V L7810CV - THT TO220

Stabilizer used to supply logic systems supplied with 10 V. The maximum output current is 1.5 A.
Index: UCC-06993
Index: UCC-06993
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Linear voltage regulator kit - 5V-24V TO220 - 14pcs

Set of 14 popular stabilizers in TO220 enclosure.
Index: UCC-07580
Index: UCC-07580
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Voltage stabilization really matters

Modern electronics do not like voltage fluctuations as they can cause changes in the operating mode and sometimes – in the worst scenarios – even irreversible damage to electronic equipment. For this reason, in order to avoid disturbances or even damage, reliable voltage stabilizers are increasingly used. What are they and how do they work?

Voltage stabilizers are small electronic accessories. These are electronic circuits whose task is to maintain a constant voltage at the output. It does not matter what the overall system load is - the role of the voltage stabilizer is to maintain the target voltage level in all circumstances.

In the Botland programmable electronics store you will find stabilizers with an output voltage of 10 V, as well as many others (be sure to check other subcategories!). This is one of those electronic accessories that will be of great help in creating various electronic and electromechanical models. If necessary, our technical department is at your disposal.

The main types of voltage stabilizers

Voltage stabilizers can be divided according to the type of output voltage. There are 10 V voltage stabilizers - such as the 12 V, 9V, 8V voltage stabilizers or even small 1.8V stabilizers presented here.

In addition, voltage stabilizers can also be divided into two groups - linear stabilizers and pulse devices. The former, linear stabilizers, can be further divided into as many as four subgroups, while the impulse ones into as many as three groups.

We offer many stabilizers in our store. They offer a different voltage at the output - in this case it is the output voltage of 10 V. In Botland we have impulse, linear, fixed output voltage and also regulated systems. Every electronics or DIY enthusiast will find useful electrical accessories for their work and tasks. In case of doubts which product to choose, just write to us!

Choose the best voltage stabilizers

When choosing a proper voltage stabilizer, it's important to know how to read their product markings. Well, in the case of positive voltage stabilizers, the most popular models come from the 78XX series, while the negative voltage ones from the 79XX series. The last two digits are the characters that indicate the output voltage.

The most important parameters of the stabilizers include, first of all, the nominal voltage value (devices in this category have 10V). The maximum short-circuit current, maximum output current, and range of input voltage changes are also important. Other parameters of voltage stabilizers that should be considered when choosing the right device are the output resistance and the degree of energy efficiency. Of course, apart from technical issues, the price of the device is also important and whether it was produced by a proven manufacturer, operating within the prescribed product standards. In Botland, we only offer proven and reliable stabilizers. Using the stabilizers, we can obtain, for example, an output voltage of 10 V or other, depending on the needs.