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Stabilizatory - Napięcie wyjściowe 10V

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Linear voltage regulator kit - 5V-24V TO220 - 14pcs

Set of 14 popular regulators in TO220 housing.
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Index: UCC-07580
Index: UCC-07580
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Voltage regulation

Modern electronics do not like voltage spikes, so to avoid interference or even damage applied voltage stabilizers. This electronic system, whose task is to maintain constant voltage output regardless of load on the system. In our store you will find a stabilizer with output voltage of 10 V. This is one of the categories that will be useful when buying those that interest You. If necessary, our technical Department remains at Your disposal.

The separation of stabilizers

As a rule, the stabilizers are divided into two groups – linear and pulse. Linear can be divided into four subgroups, and impulse for three. In our store we offer many stabilizers. They offer a variety of voltage output, in particular, the output voltage is 10 V. We have layouts, pulse, linear, with a fixed output voltage and adjustable. Each elektronik whether master will find the necessary for your system elements. If in doubt, please email us!

Popular models

If we are talking about voltage regulators positive is the most popular model is taken from the 78XX and stress, negative 79XX. The last two digits indicate the output voltage. The main parameters of the stabilizers are: nominal voltage value maximum short-circuit current the maximum output current change range of input voltage, output resistance, energy efficiency. With the help of stabilizers, we can obtain, for example, the output voltage is 10 V or other, depending on your needs.