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Output voltage 8V

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Linear voltage regulator 8V LM7808 - THT TO220

Linear stabiliser LM7808CV. Output voltage: 8 V, maximum current: 1 A. Housing: TO-220 (THT).
Index: UCC-00299
Index: UCC-00299
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Linear voltage regulator kit - 5V-24V TO220 - 14pcs

Set of 14 popular stabilizers in TO220 enclosure.
Index: UCC-07580
Index: UCC-07580
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Choose from a variety of voltage stabilizers

We encourage you to get to know, and then purchase our products as they are characterized by highest possible quality and attractive, affordable price. Choose from the various proposals that we have prepared for you. You can safely think about what you need. Remember to check the parameters of the particular electrical device for which you need a voltage stabilizer at the very beginning. In case of any difficulties, you can easily contact us without any problems.

We are happy to help you choose the optimal stabilizer for your application. We can talk about specific electronic equipment and indicate the best options in our opinion. The choice in Botland is huge. Available voltage stabilizers are 1.8 V, 3.3 V, 5 V, 8 V, 9 V, 10 V and 12 V. You can use both individual components and whole sets. In this category, you can choose from 8V voltage stabilizers, but all other types can be found on the other pages of our Botland store!

Voltage stabilizer 8V – LM7808 – THT TO220 – stabilizers’ cases and their types

In our store, a stabilizer with an output voltage of 8 V is available, the maximum current of which is 1 A. This is the LM7808CV model, which is made of the highest quality premium components. Stabilizer type: linear. Moreover, this 8V voltage stabilizer includes the TO-220 cases (housings).

Importantly, the commonly known and used cases are TO-220, TO-92, TO-5. The TO-220 cases proposed here are the most popular and have been used in electronics for several dozen years. Apart from integrated circuits, i.e. stabilizers, we can also find diodes or transistors in them. In addition, be sure to check the set consisting of as many as 14 of the most famous stabilizers – 5 - 24 V – which are also located in the above-described housing. To comprehensive set designed for professional use – surely it will come in handy for electronics and robotics work!

What is worth remembering when buying a voltage stabilizer?

Buying a stabilizer is an important decision. A number of technical parameters should be analyzed. The key is voltage, frequency and phase. Individual devices may have additional conditions related to the connection of stabilizers, so be careful.

When purchasing the necessary voltage stabilizers, we also invite you to check the heat sinks, which our store offers for each type of system. To make the correct choice of a stabilizer, we also recommend stress-free contact with our technical department. Our dedicated specialists - who have experience and technical education - will help you choose the right elements.

At Botland, we care much about the satisfaction of our customers, so we do our best to help you make the perfect choice. Moreover, we encourage you to take advantage of free online calculators that will allow you to calculate some basic technical parameters. If so, we can also make such calculations for you.