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Stabilizatory - Napięcie wyjściowe 8V

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Linear voltage regulator 8V LM7808 - THT TO220

LM7808CV linear regulator. Output voltage: 8 V, maximum current: 1 A. Housing: TO-220 (THT).
5.0 (1)
Index: UCC-00299
Index: UCC-00299
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Linear voltage regulator kit - 5V-24V TO220 - 14pcs

Set of 14 popular regulators in TO220 housing.
4.8 (4)
Index: UCC-07580
Index: UCC-07580
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Regular price €5.90 Price €5.90

A wide range of

We recommend you to purchase our products, which are of high quality and affordable price. You can easily think about what you need, and in case of problems, please contact us. We will gladly assist you in choosing the optimal stabilizer. Choice in Botland is very large. There are stabilizers 1.8 V, 3.3 V, 5 V, 8 V, 9 V, 10 V and 12 V. can be Used as individual elements or whole sets.

Stabilizer LM7808 8 VOLT – THT TO220

In our store presents the stabilizer with output voltage 8 V, where the maximum current is 1 A. this is a linear regulator, model LM7808CV. The composition of this product includes a TO-220 case. Widely known and used in case TO-220, TO-92, TO-5. We offer housing TO-220 are the most popular and have been used for several decades in electronics. In addition to integrated circuits, that is, the stabilizers, we can find in them, for example, diodes or transistors. In addition, we offer a set of 14 most known stabilizers, 5 to 24 V, are also in the above-described case.

Some interesting facts

Purchasing the stabilizers welcome to check, also the radiators that our store offers for each type of system. To make the correct choice of stabilizer, please contact our technical Department, which experts will help to pick up suitable items. We depend on the satisfaction of our customers and we do all the due diligence to help You make the perfect choice. You can also use the services of free online calculators that allow to calculate some basic parameters.