Qwiic OpenLog - data logger - SparkFun DEV-15164

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The latest version of the module Qwiic by company SparkFun OpenLog. The device allows easy data recording up to 32 GB to the microSD memory card. Thanks to the installed Qwiic connectors it is possible to connect the module without any soldering.

Qwiic OpenLog - data logger - SparkFun DEV-15164
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Manufacturer: SparkFun
Compatibility: Arduino

Description of product: SparkFun OpenLog Qwiic

The latestversion of the module Qwiic OpenLog is used tosave data onthe microSD card. The main change compared to the previous version are solderedcQwiic connectors, thanks to which you can connect and recorda lot of deviceswithout the need to occupy the I2C serial port. Communication withthe main module (fromany module witha host microcontroller, e.g.Arduino) througha simple serial interfaceorQwiic connector.The modulesupports cards with capacityup to 32 GBwith the file systemFAT16 and FAT32.

What is Qwiic OpenLog data logger for?

  • What are the actual values measured by the sensors?
  • What is the temperature of a closed system, when not monitored?
  • What are the values of the accelerations detected by the accelerometer?
  • Where was the GPS receiver exactly?

All these questions will be answered by OpenLog. Its principle of operation is similar toa black box, used tocollect and storeall data provided by the project.

SparkFun Qwiic OpenLog - rejestrator danych

The set does not containgoldpin connectors 2.54 mm rasterand a cable Qwiic. You can buy them separately and solder yourself.

Microcontroller of OpenLog module

SparkFun Qwiic OpenLog - rejestrator danych

Just like the previous version it has a built-in microcontrollerATmega328 operating with a clock frequency of16 MHz. The ATmega328 has an extinguished bootloaderOptiboot.

Connectors of Qwiic OpenLog module

SparkFun Qwiic OpenLog

The main interface of the OpenLog module are Qwiic connectorsonboth sides of the board.

Pins FTDI Qwiic

SparkFun Qwiic OpenLog - FTDI

FTDI pins are used specially for reprogramming the firmware.

SPI Qwiic OpeLog

SparkFun Qwiic OpenLog

Six test SPI pins can be used for reprogramming the bootloader on the ATmega328.

MicroSD card slot

SparkFun Qwiic OpenLog

For communication, the microSD card requires SPI pins. This is not only a place where data is stored for OpenLog, but you can also update the configuration of the boards using the file config.txt on the microSD card.

LED status of the OpenLog module

SparkFun Qwiic OpenLog - rejestrator danch

  • STAT -Flashes only when the SPI interface is active.
  • PWR- Lights up when a board is enabled and working.

Service of SpakFun Qwiic OpenLog

The device should be connected via the serial interfaceUART or Qwiic- inputs RX and TX. After powerring up and retrieving data from the OpenLog, it will start to record them onthe card. By default, the baud rate is20000 bits. To enter the setup mode, you must load three times the sequencectrl+z,command"new"creates a new file,"md"new folder. The configuration fileconfig.txt,which is located on the memory card can be edited from the computer. This allows you to easily select the mode and to set the transmission speed.

MicroSD memory card not included,you can buy it separately.

The use of the system facilitates a sample programforArduinoanda list of available commands. Users of the module may also use the preparedtutorial. Description and example programs are also available on the GitHub website.

Technical specification of SpakFun Qwiic OpenLog

Option Range
Input voltage from 3.3 V to 12 V
Current consumption
  • Max: 6 mA
  • Standby mode: 2 mA
Serial communication interface UART (RX, TX)
Connectors Qwiic Yes 2 x Qwiic
Max. speed data logging up to 20,000 bits/sec
Compatible with I2C 400 kHz Yes
Support for memory cards microSD up to 32GB (sold separately)
Address And2C from 0x08 to 0x77
Board size
25 mm x 27 mm x 5 mm


Package width 6 cm
Package height 0.9 cm
Package depth 5 cm
Package weight 0.004 kg

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