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AI development

Category dedicated to ready the plates, which lets you create your own projects related to artificial intelligence. In this category you will find both new developments and tiles using the already known formats, e.g., formats, tile Arduino.

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Maixduino AI development board - K210 RISC-V AI + lOT ESP32 + OV2640 - DFRobot DFR0640

Maixduino AI is a development board with Arduino UNO format dedicated to work with artificial intelligence. The board is based on the K210 RISC-V AI processor and also...
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Index: DFR-16463
Index: DFR-16463
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Maix Bit AI Development Board RISC-V K210 - IOT - DFRobot DFR0639

Maix Bit AI development board featuring the K210 chip with a 64 bit, 400 Mhz dual-core RISC-V processor having an independent FPU and 8 MB of SRAM. There is also 128 Mbit...
Index: DFR-16351
Index: DFR-16351
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Jetson-Orin-IO-Base Development Board - for Jetson Orin Nano/NX - Waveshare 24726

The Jetson-Orin-IO-Base development board is an advanced artificial intelligence application development device, compatible with Jetson Orin Nano and NX modules. It offers...
Index: WSR-23398
Index: WSR-23398
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Outdoor development SI

In this category we offer the tile and SI development, which are specialized processors designed for use in artificial intelligence technologies. The entire device is designed and constructed so that the user could make full use of the capabilities of the processor, without wasting time on soldering and selection of appropriate components. The company's specialists DFRobot carefully designed and performed the whole project, using the optimally chosen high quality elements. A device of this type can be used, for example, for the manufacture of an intelligent robot, other device or the entire system.

Processor – the heart of the entire system

The proposed device is equipped with a special processor that is designed for maximum performance when using artificial intelligence algorithms – among other things, for machine learning. This RISC-V 64-bit on two cores default clock frequency of 400 MHz (this value can be further increased). The SRAM was in it is divided into a portion intended for the use of AI (artificial Intelligence – artificial intelligence) and a separate for General purpose. The processor is equipped with special accelerator fast Fourier transform (FFT), neural networks (CPU) processing module of the voice. One of the most important properties of this device is very high performance. A lot of computing power in this case goes hand in hand with very low power consumption. This is a very important property, since the devices in which processors of this type are used, as a rule, equipment that has to work niestacjonarnie (no constant power). In addition, the high speed of the performed calculations is important because a lot of tasks for such devices must be performed in real-time.

Examples of application

This type of device ideal logic elements, works, which have, for example, use machine learning algorithms. A good example would be a system of mobile robots that travel several times the same route – can dynamically learn new, optimal at the moment (e.g. energy or time) of the route and transmit this information. Another example of using the device are all sorts of voice recognition and human speech. Using this, you can, for example, to design the equipment so that it was able in a short time to identify who belongs to the voice (comparing it with known samples), or what language someone speaks, or just put on the course to hear suggestions. Similarly, you can implement also a learning opportunity and recognition of people on how to avoid or recognize handwriting. The module can be used as a device analytical datasets where there are laws that people didn't even know. So you can read even the laws of physics, or perhaps to invent new drugs.

What we offer

In the assortment you will find tile and design, made of DFRobot. This device is designed in such a way that it was easy to use them in artificial intelligence. Of particular interest may be a device called Maixduino – the name for a characteristic end to the "-Duino" involves pairing an Arduino development. Actually this device is made in the format of Arduino UNO. Maixduino has a built-in dual core processor K210, the module MI AI, ESP32 and able to communicate with each other using interfaces such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can also use connectors for camera, display, microphone, USB 2.0 connector (type C) and many other interfaces (among other things, PWM, I2C and UART). However, it is worth remembering that, despite the similarity of the visual Arduino UNO connect the device to a power source with a voltage of 5 V may damage the equipment – the maximum voltage is 3.3 V. in Addition to this equipment should pay attention to the plate of the development of the Maxi Bit, which will also work in projects that use artificial intelligence.