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Moduły, sterowniki uczenia maszynowego

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Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator S13V25F3 - 3,3V 2,5A - Pololu 4980

The Pololu S13V25F3 converter is a step-up/step-down device that effectively converts input voltages from 2.8 V to 22 V , producing a stable 3.3 V with an efficiency...
Index: PLL-23466
Index: PLL-23466
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SenseCAP K1100 - development kit with LoRa and AI sensors - Seeedstudio 110991748

SenseCAP K1100 is a set developed by Seeedstudio and equipped with a number of devices and sensors enabling the implementation of applications based on artificial intelligence...
Index: SEE-21860
Index: SEE-21860
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M5Stack UnitV2 USB - AI recognition module - version without camera - M5Stack

M5Stack UnitV2 USB is an AI recognition module equipped with powerful components. Manufactured by M5Stack , it features Sigmstar SSD202D - an integrated dual-core 1.2 GHz...
Index: MSS-20444
Index: MSS-20444
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The machine learning modules – why they serve

To simplify the explanation of what the concept of machine learning, it can be simplified to define them as selection parameters or the creation of an appropriate algorithm based on the analysis of the obtained data. An example would be the program has analysed appearance of the human face on the multiple images captured over many years. Introduction several data about different people in combination with a properly written program can help you to obtain the algorithm of facial aging of a person. The more data, the machine will get, the better the result. The use of devices training machine is aimed at increasing efficiency, ensuring smooth operation and maximum performance for this system. We offer in this category the modules facilitate the implementation of machine learning algorithms, and then allow the intellectual equipment running at maximum efficiency. Devices that use machine learning methods can be used for voice recognition, control of Autonomous vehicles or recognition, but they can also serve much more complex objectives, which will affect current technology. Very useful can be, for example, detecting patterns in the obtained data – this skill can help you to find a completely unknown person rules and concepts concerning the phenomena with which we are faced. This may relate both to questions relating to physics and mathematics, as, for example, information about diseases – due to the discovered, previously unknown prawidłowościom you can use the knowledge about them in a practical form (creating a new invention or product). The machine learning modules – what is the difference from other logic Modules, machine learning, they are, first and foremost, are better suited for data analysis than standard chips processors. Offered modules are designed for implantation of an artificial intelligence have a much higher performance (speed of computations), and are characterized by lower energy consumption during operation. Energy saving is especially important if the module should run on your device niestacjonarnym that do not have the ability to connect to a permanent power source (e.g. mobile).

What we offer in this category

In this category you will find, first of all, the equipment created an internationally recognized brand DFRobot manufacturer, offering its customers solutions in the field of robotics in the formula open source. Our range is available in three models that differ primarily built-in Wi-Fi module. In offer we have a device without Wi-Fi module with Wi-Fi module and with module and wifi antenna. The elements are equipped with system K210 is a dual – core processor (64-bit) with a clock frequency of 400 MHz and 8 MB of SRAM. Independent system FPU supports calculations with integers and floating point. The device also has a built-in module of the voice processing, the neural network accelerator and accelerator fast Fourier transform (Fast Fourier Transform). We invite you to familiarize with our offer of machine learning modules, as well as with other sentences, logic circuits, available in our store, as well as with the rest of the range Botland.