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Raspberry Pi 5 power supply

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Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply - official 5,1V / 5A PSU for Raspberry Pi 5 - white

Official Raspberry Pi USB Type-C power supply with Power Delivery (PD) with a capacity of 27 W. The maximum current efficiency is 5 A at a voltage of 5 V , so it is able...
Index: RPI-23906
Index: RPI-23906
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Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply - official 5,1V / 5A PSU for Raspberry Pi 5 - black

Official Raspberry Pi power supply with USB Type-C input and Power Delivery (PD) technology with a power of 27 W. It can provide a current with a maximum efficiency of 5...
Index: RPI-23907
Index: RPI-23907
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Regular price €14.90 Price €14.90

Power supplies for Raspberry Pi 5 are a key element enabling optimal operation of the device. They provide stable voltage, which is necessary for the proper functioning and performance of the Raspberry Pi. Choosing the right power supply is important to ensure the safety and long life of the device. This category includes power supplies dedicated to the newest "Malina".

USB-C Power Supply for Raspberry Pi 5

Raspberry Pi 5 requires stable and efficient power supply, especially during intense loads. Compared to the Model 4, the Raspberry Pi 5 can consume up to 12W of power, which is higher than the 8W of its predecessor. Therefore, when using a standard 5V, 3A (15W) USB-C power adapter, we must limit the USB current to 600mA by default to provide enough margin to support these loads. This is lower than the 1.2A limit of the Raspberry Pi 4, but still sufficient to support low-power peripherals such as mice and keyboards.

Power options for advanced users

For users who want to power high-power peripherals such as hard drives and SSDs while maintaining margin for peak loads, a USB-C power adapter is available that supports 5V, 5A (25W) operation mode. This power supply allows you to increase the USB current limit to 1.6A, providing additional power to USB devices and allowing you to experiment with overclocking your Raspberry Pi 5. Users also have the ability to override the current limit by specifying a higher value even when using a 3A adapter, as proven in testing effective for configuring higher power USB devices.

Why is it worth buying a dedicated power supply for Raspberry Pi 5?

A dedicated power supply for Raspberry Pi 5 is a key element that can significantly affect the performance and stability of this innovative device. Raspberry Pi 5, although energy-efficient, may require stable power supply under intense loads, which can be achieved with dedicated power supplies.

First of all, a dedicated power supply allows you to easily power high-power peripheral devices, such as hard drives or SSDs, which is crucial for users who plan to expand their system. With the ability to deliver up to 25W of power, users can be sure that even under peak loads, the Raspberry Pi 5 will operate stably and efficiently.

It is also worth noting that a dedicated power supply is more reliable and safe compared to standard solutions. It offers stable voltage and surge protection, which is crucial for the longevity and safety of the Raspberry Pi 5 and the devices connected to it.