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The dreams of flying since the very beginning of mankind have tempted man to take to the air. Ancient legends and myths of various civilizations confirm that we have long wanted to travel through the air like birds. There is probably no other form of movement than flying that gives you so much freedom and feelings of independence. Shoe today, in the era of drones and virtual reality, you don't even need to get on a large plane. We can make an amazing adventure ourselves. It is enough to buy one of the drones available in the Botland store. It doesn't matter if we want to be professional drone operators or buy a drone for entertainment purposes only.

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Fan with DC Motor and Controller v.1.0

Fan made of soft material, with a DC motor and a control unit, based on ATmega168. The board has additional input, for example for the servo connection.
Index: SEE-04444
Index: SEE-04444
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Grove - Fan with DC Motor and Controller v.1.1

Fan of soft material, with a DC motor and a controller, based on ATmega168. The board has additional pins, for example for the servo connection.
Index: SEE-11336
Index: SEE-11336
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DFRobot Gravity - Propeller with DC 3-6V Motor Module

A small motor module with controller with the possibility of rotational speed control. The device is compatible with Arduino. The kit also includes an impeller and a cable.
Index: DFR-03559
Index: DFR-03559
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Controlling drones in the air, recording aerial videos and taking amazing photos is a fantastic adventure that will satisfy everyone. Sometimes, however, our drone requires replacement parts. It is possible that a given component will be damaged, e.g. due to an accident. For these reasons, we have created a separate product category where you can find the best original drone propellers. It is worth having at least a few pieces of this type of equipment in stock, just in case. Choose the best drone propellers now in Botland!

Theory of drones – number of propellers and engines

Among flying machines such as drones, we distinguish mainly two types of this type of construction. They differ in the number of built-in motors and propellers. Drones-quadrocopters are machines that are equipped with four propellers and motors. Larger devices, hexacopters, are equipped with six propeller motors and propellers. This is a very important parameter when choosing a drone, because the number of drives primarily determines the maximum payload of the drone. Indirectly, the number of drone engines also improves the maximum flight altitude, maneuvering stability and safety in a situation where one of the propellers fails during the flight.

No matter how many drives your drone has, the best drone motor and propeller configuration (at least in theory) still probably doesn't change. Good results can be obtained when every second propeller turns clockwise (it is then marked CW), while the other propellers turn counterclockwise (CCW). In addition to the direction of rotation, the dimensions of the propeller, its shape and the material from which it was made (influencing the mass of the element, its strength and coefficient of friction) are also important. Please consider the information above when selecting propellers for your drone.

Drone propellers – major types and assembly methods

The propellers used for drones can be divided into two major groups. The first are dedicated propellers, i.e. components that are adapted to a specific type of drone. The second type are universal propellers for drones, which will work well as replacements for original elements. You can also use them to build your own prototype DIY drone.

In the case of dedicated propellers, all dimensions and other technical parameters are closely matched to a given structure. This means that when you buy dedicated propellers, you always have a 100% guarantee that they will perfectly fit your drone. On the other hand, universal propellers are adapted to work with various engines. After a detailed analysis, you can also choose this type of propeller for the selected drone model. To provide these elements with versatility, tips are added to sets of propellers (drone propellers are most often sold in sets) - small sleeves with different hole diameters. This is very important from the perspective of propeller assembly. By selecting an insert appropriate to the shaft diameter of your motors, you can achieve a secure connection between the element and the drive. Then there is no need to make any additional modifications. Manual reaming of the holes could lead to a distortion of their axis, which in turn would lead to considerable vibrations. As a result, it would have a very negative impact on the quality and safety of the flight.

Drone propellers – dimensions

In the Botland store offer you will find the most popular sizes of propellers. You will have no problem choosing propellers for a small drone or a large, advanced professional machine. The spare parts we sell are of the highest quality and are under a guarantee. The smallest drone’s propellers are 7 x 3.8 inches (177 x 96 mm in the metric system). In addition to these, we also have 8 inch (208 x 114 mm) and 10 inch (254 x 114 mm) propellers available. If you're looking for propellers for the most advanced multi-engine drones, be sure to check out the 12 '' SF Props 12 x 4.5 (304 x 114mm) propellers. These are parts that are perfect for large machines with a load capacity suitable for carrying (larger cameras and other elements).