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Books about AVR

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Books on AVR microcontrollers – learning at an accelerated pace

The ability to use microcontrollers and programmable electronics comes primarily from practice. Unfortunately, if there is no theory, this practice can end very quickly (the equipment will simply be damaged) ... So before we start working for real, it is worth getting to know electronics from the theoretical side and learn from someone else's and not your own mistakes.

So, how does an analog-to-digital converter work? What is a stack pointer? Why is the watchdog chip so important? What is the difference between a microcontroller and a microprocessor? How to handle microprocessors? How do I implement interrupts in my program code? How to change display flashing speed with delay instruction? And finally - how to program a microcontroller? These are elementary questions that are the tip of the iceberg. The rule is simple: if we do not know the answers, we will not be able to safely use microprocessors, microcomputers and individual programmable electronics devices. Fortunately, you will find answers to these and many other questions in the books we sell.

AVR books – practical and important knowledge at your fingertips

In this category, you'll find our recommended AVR educational materials and books to help you understand key processes and technical issues. You will learn how the microcontroller works from the hardware side. You will conveniently get acquainted with the descriptions and functions of all outputs of AVR microprocessors. You will learn why this is so important from the perspective of the way a particular program code works. What's more, you will also learn the principle of operation of peripheral systems cooperating with the microcontroller and the code of sample programs in languages such as C, C ++ or Assembler. In this category, we also recommend AVR development kits and dedicated courses included in books such as 'AVR ATmega microcontrollers in practice'.

AVR microcontrollers – good educational books are the basis of a successful project

The books on AVR microcontrollers offered in this category of the Botland store will allow you to gain valuable knowledge in a very accessible way. Many of them offer exercises so that you can test the understanding of the passage in practice. In addition, AVR courses and educational books allow you to realize many interesting electronic device projects such as building automation, toys, electric motor controls, lighting, sensing devices, electronic musical instruments and much more.

Each project shown in the book contains an electrical diagram of a microcontroller circuit, program code, and a description of how the project works. In the presented books you will find instructions and guides that present the syntax of the most important programming languages ​​for AVR: C and C ++. They contain a lot of practical advice and guidance on hardware and software aspects of AVR microcontrollers. Choose the best now!