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MakeBlock robots and kits

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MakeBlock 90092 - robot mBot Ranger 3in1 STEM - compatible with Arduino and Scratch

Robot mBot Ranger is a set of robot three in one, through which you can build a tank, tricycle, racing car and balanced robot. It can be programmed in a graphical environment...
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Index: ROB-09552
Index: ROB-09552
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MakeBlock 90040 - Ultimate Robot Kit 2.0 - compatible with Arduino and Scratch

Ultimate Robot Kit 2.0 is the most complex kit of Makeblock system. Due to the large number of elements, you can create a variety of designs of vehicles, manipulators and other...
Index: ROB-09550
Index: ROB-09550
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MakeBlock CyberPi - set with microcontroller, sensors and accessories

The kit is intended for grades 4-8 , allows you to learn programming, robotics, IoT and AI, it is compatible with mBot2 robots. The CyberPi module can be programmed in...
Index: TRB-21193
Index: TRB-21193
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MakeBlock CyberPi Go Kit - set with microcontroller and Pocket Shield

The set with a programmable CyberPi microcontroller allows you to learn programming, robotics, IoT and AI. The CyberPi module can be programmed in Scratch block language and...
Index: TRB-21194
Index: TRB-21194
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Makeblock – robot mBot2 WiFi/Bluetooth STEM

The next generation of the popular educational robot from Makeblock - mBot. The mBot2 robot has been designed with extended capabilities, finding application in both primary...
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Index: TRB-20812
Index: TRB-20812
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Makeblock - fun, science and innovation

The Makeblock brand was founded in 2013 by a young Chinese engineer and inventor, Jasen Wang. The main goal of the founder was to create a system for constructing one's own devices and inventions, which would be both comprehensive (full availability of physical parts and software and professional, competent customer service) and intuitive, so that as many people as possible could realize their ideas for their own projects. Currently Makeblock is the market leader in products supporting STEAM education, and solutions of this brand are used in more than 25 thousand schools around the world.

Makeblock and STEAM education

STEAM education (acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is a concept according to which in the teaching process special emphasis should be placed on learning about science and the principles of logical reasoning, but also the development of creative thinking and creative problem solving and group work. Currently, STEAM principles are used in many schools around the world as well as in adult education. Makeblock is a brand that actively supports the STEAM concept by creating special products and software and organizing workshops for children and teacher training.

Makeblock robots and kits

In this category you will find a large selection of Makeblock educational robots. We offer devices designed to be used at every stage of education of children and youth. For the youngest children (from the age of four) a nice robot-panda mTiny will be a great help in learning and great fun. It has the form of a sweet and friendly animal, which will surely appeal to children and encourage them to perform tasks together. The robot can express more than ten emotions and makes almost 300 noises, so you can communicate with it like a living creature. Learning with mTina does not require the use of a computer or screen, but only the use of an interactive map and a pen-shaped controller, which are included in the kit. We also offer mTiny in sets intended for use in the programming studio (four robots and educational aids and materials for the teacher). Makeblock Codey Rocky, which teaches programming in Scratch and Python, is also perfect for the youngest users. In this section you will also find the best-selling robots mBot-S and mBot Ranger, which will be great for teaching programming to pupils in primary and secondary school. Both items give many possibilities to extend their functions with dedicated kits and accessories, and are compatible with Arduino and Scratch. The Ultimate Robot Kit 2.0, which is the most extensive set since Makeblock, will surely meet the needs of the most demanding users. It allows to create more than ten different constructions, such as 3D scanner, caterpillar trolley or balancing robot. This kit is also compatible with Arduino and Scratch programming environments, and can be controlled not only by a computer, but also by a mobile device with Android or iOS.

Extensions for robots

In this category we also offer a wide range of extensions for Makeblock robots. You will find here, among others, robot grippers for mBot Ranger and mBot Ultimate robots, as well as many sets designed for use with classic mBot, including "Light and sound", "Servo and mechanical components" and LED display "Matrix". With these proposals you will be able to expand your robots from Makeblock with additional features and build new, intriguing designs. You will also be able to learn more about the functioning of such electronic and mechanical elements as motors, servo, sensors or diodes. If you are a fan of Makeblock and want to build even more interesting devices based on Makeblock products, be sure to take a look at the accessories section, where you will find Makeblock extensions, accessories and spare parts at the most attractive prices.