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BLDC motors

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Brushless Motor with Gear 25Dx43L 45:1 with PWM driver + encoder

Brushless motor with 45:1, 159 rpm, 2.4 kg*cm (0.23 Nm) gearing. The device has a built-in controller with PWM and DIR input, so no additional controller is required. The...
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Index: DFR-05188
Index: DFR-05188
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Operating principle of the BLDC brushless motor

Brushless BLDC motors are made of stator and rotor, among others. The first element is stationary and is equipped with a winding. The rotor is not wound and is formed by permanent magnets. Brushless BLDC motors work thanks to the interaction between the magnetic field of the stator and the magnetic field of the rotor. The rotor is in continuous rotation, which is possible thanks to the use of an electronic commutator, whose mode of operation is based on transistors controlled by PWM signal. The rotor may be located in different areas of the motor. Sometimes it is located inside the stator, which enables high torque and efficient heat dissipation. At other times, the rotor will surround the stator, which is a good solution for systems with low power consumption and where high torque is not required.

Brushless BLDC motors are characterized by their extremely high efficiency and small size. Conventional motors would require much larger components to achieve this efficiency, which would result in significantly reduced functionality. The advantage of BLDC brushless motors is also the ease of control. This is done by the feedback phenomenon. This allows for fast and at the same time very accurate speed and torque setting. This also has the effect of saving energy and reducing heat loss. If we use wireless devices, we can count on a longer battery life in this case. The low noise level of the motor and the lack of sparking effect, which results from the lack of brushes in the motor structure, are also important factors.

Where can you use a BLDC brushless motor?

There are many possibilities due to the numerous advantages of BLDC brushless motors and their design. They are characterized by high efficiency and long service life, are easy to control and consume much less energy than other similar solutions. They will surely be a good choice for applications where long term motor operation is required. In addition, brushless BLDC motors have found their application in electronics, as well as in air conditioning and ventilation systems. We often see them in children's toys and remote-controlled vehicles. It is also important to know that the BLDC brushless motor does very well in driving the propeller of cooling fans and hard drives in computers. For this reason, you can use it in many projects, including more technologically advanced ones.

The offer of the Botland store includes brushless BLDC motors of different powers and powered by different voltages. Depending on the model you will find in them additional drivers, which increase the possibility of engine operation and improve the operation of the whole device.