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Particle IoT

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OLED Shield for Photon Micro - SparkFun DEV-13628

Panel with blue monochrome OLED display-0,66" with a resolution of 64 x 48 px for module Particle Photon. On the board there are industrially soldered goldpin strips, which you...
Index: SPF-11165
Index: SPF-11165
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Particle Photon – powerful IoT module in affordable price

Great example of Particle IoT modules is a minicomputer called Particle Photon. It’s a tiny PCB (only 80 x 60 x 16,5 mm dimension, 10 g weight) containing all of the essential functionality you need to run a wide range of embedded designs. The central part of this module is P0 WiFi module based on STM32F205 ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller (1 MB of Flash memory and 128 kB of RAM) integrated with Cypress BCM43363 wireless chip) in form of tiny, surface mount SoM factory soldered on the Particle Photon printed circuit board. The WiFi transceiver supports wide range of IEEE 802.11 protocols (b/g/n) and security features (WEP, WAPI, WPA, WPA2-PSK). It can work with built-in SMT antenna or with an external antenna connected via u.FL coaxial connector. Both of the longer PCB edges are populated with 2.54-pitch pinheaders, so the Particle Photon can be seamlessly used with regular solderless breadboard. On the module’s board you can also find setup button, reset button and RGB LED. The module can be connected to your computer using micro USB port.

Quick start IoT development with Particle Argon KIT

Another interesting product from Particle IoT offer is Particle Argon KIT. It includes tiny, but powerful wireless module, a small solderless breadboard for rapid prototyping of custom circuitry as well as an external antenna with u.FL connector, two resistors, one LED, one photodiode and a compatible micro USB – USB A cable. The central part of the Argon board is highly-integrated SoM containing two different chips: nRF52840 and ESP32-D0WD. First of them is a combination of Bluetooth 5 transceiver, ARM TrustZone CryptoCell-310m cryptographic module and a powerful ARM Cortex M4, 32-bit floating-point MCU running at up to 64 MHz. The MCU has 1 MB of Flash memory and 256 kB of RAM and supports DSP instruction set. The second chip – ESP32-D0WD – is a 4 MB WiFi module supporting IEEE 802.11b/g/n protocols and reaching up to 150 Mb/s data rate. You can easily connect the Particle Photon module to your external hardware using two 2,54-pitch headers allowing you to access a wide range of internal peripherals (incl. ADC, PWM channels, I2C, USART and SPI serial interfaces) as well as regular GPIOs. Great advantage of the Particle Photon module is a built-in 3.7 V LiPo cell charger, which allows you to build battery-operated devices without external power supply circuits.

Wide offer of accessories and development boards

In our store you can also find a bunch of great base boards that you can use as an affordable development platform for any of Particle IoT modules. For example you can benefit from OLED Shield for Photon Micro (SparkFun DEV-13628) equipped with 0,66-inch 64 x 48 px monochromatic OLED display. If you are an Arduino platform fan you should obviously check Red Board Photon – and Arduino Uno-inspired board with build-in WiFi P1 Particle module. For more sophisticated applications you can use a development board for Particle M.2 modules with built-on Ethernet interface, microSD slot and a wide range of expansion connectors and switches.