Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+ a set for beginners

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Grove it modular to create simple projects using components based on the same interface. The kit includes Grove Base Hat + 10 modules and sensors.

Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+ a set for beginners
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Manufacturer: Seeedstudio
Compatibility: Raspberry Pi

Product description: Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi - beginner's kit

Grove is amodular systemfor creating simple projects using components based on the same interface. The elements included in the set, such as a buzzer or button, arebasic elements, usually fulfilling one specific function. The whole Grove system, on the other hand, hasmuch more additions and elements, thanks to which the created project can be much more extended with e.g. accelerometers, barometers, gas and flame sensors. Grove Base Kit was created asan introduction to the whole system.

The above video is, apart from the presentation of elements, a shortintroduction and instructionto learn the basics of the Grove System. The instruction can also be found onthe manufacturer's website.It should be mentioned here that to start the tasks you will need a Raspberry Pi,a micro USB cableanda microSD card.


The set is also available inPolish version.

Elements of the Grove Base Kit:

L.p. Photo Description

Grove Base Hat

Raspberry Pi overlay for connecting each module. It has GPIO outputs identical to RPi, PWM, UART connector, 3 I2C outputs, 6 digital and 4 analog outputs. It is also equipped with contacts for SWD.


Buzzer Grove

Module with active buzzer from Grove series.It emits a steady tone when given high. When using the PWM it can generate different sounds and effects. Powered by 4 V to 8 V.


Grove Push Button with backlighting

The Grove series module is equipped with a button with a red LED.Powered by 3.3 V to 5 V.


Grove ambient light intensity sensor

The Grove series module is equipped with the LM358.The sensor detects the light intensity and reflects the analog voltage signal back to the Raspberry. The light range is between 1 lux and 350 lux. The supply voltage is 5 V.The sensor communicates via an analogue signal.


Soil moisture sensor

A sensor used to determine the soil moisture level. It is powered from 3.3 V to 5 V. The output is an analogue voltage, which increases in value as the humidity increases. The module has mounting holes for 2 mm screws and a soldered in Grove socket.


Grove motion sensor

PIR type motion detector with Grove series compatible interface. The detection of an object is signalled digitally by a high state on the SIG pin. The range of the sensor is 2 m.

7. Grove - Servo

Analogue Grove Servo

Micro servo. Powered by voltage from the range: 4.8 V - 6 V. Speed: 0.12 s/60°. Moment: 1.8 kg*cm.


Grove temperature and humidity sensor

Air temperature and humidity sensor DHT11 from Grove series. The output is a digital signal. The measuring range for temperature is from 0°Cup to 50°C and a humidity of 20 to 90 % RH.

9. Moduł przekaźnika Grove v 1.2

Grove - relay module v1.2

Relay module with Grove socket in version 1.2. It allows to control actuators by cutting or supplying power. For proper operation it requires a 5 V power supply and a digital control signal supply.

10. Ultradźwiękowy czujnik odległości Grove

Grove - ultrasonic distance sensor 3-350cm

Ultrasonic sensor operating in the range from 3 cm to 350 cm. Powered by 5 V. The output is a signal whose duration is proportional to the measured distance.

11. Wyświetlacz LCD 16x2 Grove

16 x 2 Grove LCD display

LCD display module to show 2 rows of 16 characters each. Uses I2C interface for communication.

Each element is separately packaged and has a Grove cable to connect the module to Grove Hat.


The kit does not includeRaspberry Pi. They can be purchased separately in our shop.

Package width 20.4 cm
Package height 13.3 cm
Package depth 7.3 cm
Package weight 0.266 kg

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