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Gimbale and handles

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Capturing and moving objects in the field of robotics is still an experimental field. Over the past years, however, we've seen incredible progress in this area. Robots are not only able to grab things, but also consciously hold, control, process and even... sort them.

In this category you will find ready grippers and sets of elements for their self-assembly, as well as all necessary accessories and mechanical elements. Of course, in addition to robotics, gimbals and extension tubes are the basic range of every drone owner. Thanks to them it will be possible to take better aerial shots.

Also check out sets that will help you build your own pan / tilt mechanisms, straight robot arms or gimbals. We invite you to place orders!

Grab and don’t let go – grippers for your robot

Manufacturers of sets and accessories for amateur robotics have rightly recognized the problem of self-made functional gripper. Therefore, we provide a number of simple tools and elements with which you will be able to create the perfect gripper for the designed robot.

In this category you will find various grippers. An example is the series of plastic grippers from the Actobotics brand, which works with micro and standard servos and offers different ranges of jaw opening - from 70 mm to 152 mm. If you're looking for metal grippers, no problem - check out the robust Robotic Claw MKII, equipped with a spring clutch or other product!

In this category we have also made available various servo holders and motor brackets. These devices allow you to build mechanisms such as pan / tilt, your own grippers, robotic arms and other elements of automatic mechanics. You can also order from us assembly elements for inductive sensors and motor brackets compatible with MakeBlock robots.

Drone gimbals, pan/tilt mechanisms and more

In addition to the grippers described above, in this category you will also find drone gimbals. Thanks to them, it will be possible to place the camera at your preferred height in the place of the drone where you want.

In addition, we also present pan/tilt mechanisms. These are elements that are very widely used. They are used both for simple gadgets and for intelligent vision systems. Pan / tilt mechanisms operate in such a way that they use two drives placed on the base so that the axis of the first drive drives the second drive. The latter is responsible for moving the end bracket. This creates a kinematic chain that can move the bracket in two axes.

So as you can see, the choice of devices is very large. Take a look at our category, and if any advise is needed - contact us freely!