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ATX power supply

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Power Supply ATX Akyga Basic B1-400 400W

ATX power supply from Akyga. It has the most popular protections, including OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP. Maximum power is 400 W.
Index: ZAS-06828
Index: ZAS-06828
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Power Supply ATX Akyga Basic 500W

ATX power supply from Akyga. It has the most popular protections, including OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP. Maximum power is 500 W.
5.0 (1)
Index: ZAS-06827
Index: ZAS-06827
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ATX power supplies – high power, great possibilities

Powering processors, motherboards, hard drives, optical drives, graphics cards and many other components - it all becomes simple if we have an ATX power supply with the right power connected. However, it is worth knowing that the ATX power supply supplies the computer (or other device) with several different voltages, relative to the common ground (COM). In terms of current efficiency, the outputs with a voltage of +12 V should be classified first. The next variants are the outputs with a voltage of +3.3 V and +5 V.

The smallest current can be taken from the additional output with a voltage of -12 V, which can be supplied by the ATX power supply - are given in the manufacturer's specification. You can check them in the product card in our store, and if you already have this device, you can read the information on the sticker on the housing / rating plate of the power supply. The total power of all outputs is given as the basic parameter of the ATX power supply and is usually from 400 W to about 650 W. However, for the most demanding components, special power supplies with powers of up to 1500 W should be selected. Such a wide range of choice makes it suitable for every application - also semi-professional and professional - you can find the right ATX power supply.

ARX power supply – output connectors and short-circuit

Each ATX power supply is equipped with a thick bundle of output wires. These cables are terminated with various types of plugs. The largest connector is a 24-pin plug for powering the computer motherboard, which contains all the supply voltages available in a given device model. On the other hand, smaller plugs are usually 4-pin Molex connectors (voltage 5 V - red wire and 12 V - yellow wire), flat, black SATA connectors for HDD / SDD drives and CD / DVD drives, as well as an additional square plug 4- pin for additional 12 V voltage connection.

It is worth knowing that to start the power supply it is not enough to plug the mains plug into a 230 V socket and press the switch on the housing. Due to the special design, such an ATX power supply is activated only after a short-circuit to ground (black wire) of the PS-ON lead (green wire). In doing so, however, you should be extremely cautious. Taking into account the enormous current efficiency of the ATX power supply, short-circuiting the wrong wires may result in damage to the power supply, damage to other components connected to it, burns the user, or even a fire.

Find the best ATX power supply

Which ATX power supply is the best? Of course: it depends. Therefore, it is good when you can choose from different types of this type of device. In this category of the Botland store you will find excellent ATX power supplies from various companies, including Akyga power supplies - Akyga Basic 400 W and 500 W models. This first device has an excellent current efficiency of 23 A (+3.3 V) and 25 A (+5 V ), while the second device - 30A (+ 3.3V) and 34A (+5V) respectively. Importantly, the ATX power supplies sold in our store are equipped with built-in overvoltage, short circuit and overload protections, thanks to which you increase the safety of operation. These are products that have electromagnetic compatibility provided by passive power factor correctors (PFCs). The power switches are built into the rear panel near an AC outlet (IEC standard). If you would like to advise us which power supply you should buy, let us know and we will be more than happy helping you!