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Arduino books

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Arduino books – learning by practice with a lot of fun!

Practice is the best element of learning, but it will be worthless if you run out of theory. It is the theory that widens our horizons, shows the possibilities and limitations that you should later overcome yourself!

At Botland, we are perfectly aware of this, which is why we offer in this category the best publications of recent years. Here you will find many useful books on Arduino that will help in exploring the world of programmable electronics. Some Arduino books are for everyone, some for beginners, others for advanced users.

One of the great example may be the book entitled ‘Arduino. 36 projects for electronic enthusiasts’ by S. Monk. From the book you will learn what is necessary to complete a valid electronic project. You will be able to learn about the importance of basic electronic tools and components and what programming in the Arduino IDE is all about. There is a lot to choose from, because in addition to simple LED displays, the following chapters of the book also describe alarm systems, music and sound gadgets, and projects using an Internet connection for their operation. You will also find descriptions of the design of electronic circuits for the home, simple electronic games, and even a Geiger-Müller counter to detect radiation of radioactive elements. In addition - as the title indicates - you will learn 36 electronic projects. It will be a great introduction to learning and to further develop your programming skills!

See how Arduino works and learn programming step by step!

One of the biggest advantages of Arduino is that you can create any project. There are no limits – everything depends on your knowledge, skills and components you have.

For people who are not satisfied with building samples or beginning projects and for those who prefer to learn more, we also have some book propositions. One of the publication we can strongly recommend you is ‘Arduino In Action’ written by M. Evans, J. Noble, and J. Hochenbaum. It is not ‘just a book’ – it is a complete source of valuable informations on handling external electronic elements, programming in Arduino IDE software and transforming individual peripheral blocks into the one larger project. It will help a lot any intermediate electronic enthusiast as well as more advanced programmers. Knowledge that you gain in the first chapters will be effectively used later. ‘Arduino in action’ book gives you the opportunity not only to develop your skills, but also to get a kind of programmer’s intuition and creativity. The publication also includes a short programming course that allows you to learn the basics of coding quickly and the use of C++ libraries.

Arduino for advanced users

For people who already know the basics of programming and electronics, but would like to explore more advanced possibilities of using Arduino, we recommend another book entitled ‘Building iPhone and iPad Electronic projects: Real-world Arduino, Sensor, And Bluetooth Low Energy Apps In Techbasic’, written by Mike Westerfield. The author uses the techBASIC environment to create programs, which is another example of using one of the simplest and effective programming languages in the world – BASIC. The book convinces how limitless the possibilities of Arduino are. Are you ready to create your first project that will be integrated with mobile applications?