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Hard drives

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PCIe to M.2 adapter - compatible with Raspberry Pi CM4 - Waveshare 19091

An adapter created by Waveshare that allows you to connect high-speed NVMe SSDs using the M.2 bus to the PCIe bus. The module is also compatible with Raspberry Pi Compute...
Index: WSR-20091
Index: WSR-20091
Shipping in 24 hours
Regular price €4.34 Price €4.34

Solid State Drive 2,5" - PNY CS900 - 240GB

PNY CS900 SSD is a very good solution if we plan to improve the work of our computer, thanks to the use of this type of storage media, our operating system will be much more...
Index: PER-16445
Index: PER-16445
Temporarily unavailable
Waiting time: 1-2 weeks
Regular price €29.08 Price €29.08
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Hard drives

Hard disk (Hard Disk Drive - HDD) is a storage device used for storing data in computers, or to transfer between devices. Parameters that are particularly worth paying attention to before buying is the capacity of the units, the speed of writing and reading data, as well as the durability of the device. From hard drives to create storage arrays, thanks to which you can increase storage space, improve speed of writing and reading, but above all, to ensure the effectiveness of the DLP. RAID able to provide the security that allows, for example, to restore all the data, despite the loss of 50% of disks (for example, due to accidental damage).

What do we offer?

In our store we offer the device with an area of 3.5 inches are designed for installation inside a desktop computer. This is the same hard disk, magnetic as those functioning as a portable. We have models with capacity from 1 to 2TB, the speed of rotation of the plates is 5900 rpm./minutes (this value means that the disk quickly) - they all have a SATA interface 6 GB. In offer also hard drives, performing the role of external memory - our proposed models have a capacity from 750 GB to 1 TB, and their size is 2.5 inches. They are all equipped with the latest USB 3.0 interface, through which data transfer occurs at a very fast pace. Part of devices designed to work with minikomputerem Raspberry Pi. Each external hard drive of this type can be equipped in a customized case that will protect them from mechanical damage during transportation. We also have special housing for 2.5 inch hard drives, if you want to configure your hard disk with a laptop to use as external storage.