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RSD - RS232 data register - GS-software

Index: GSS-17948 EAN: 5904422362966

A device that allows recording data from the RS232 serial port. Correct recording of a frame in the memory is signaled by a diode or a digital output for a time specified in the configuration. The data can be downloaded to a USB key or to a computer via RS232 and the result can be displayed in the software included in the package.

RSD - RS232 data register - GS-software
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Manufacturer: GS-software

Product description: RSD - RS232 data logger - GS-software

The device allows to record data coming from the RS232 serial port.The correct recording of the frame in the memory is signaled by a diodeor a digital output for the time specified in theconfiguration. The data can be downloaded to a USB key or to a computer via RS232 and the result can be displayed in the software included in the package.

Rejestrator danych RS232 - GS-software

RS232 data logger - GS-software.

A version with Ethernet is also available.

Main features of the data logger

  • Recording of incoming data on RS232 port
  • Save the data frame after activating the input port in the RSD, e.g. after pressing the external button
  • Save the data frame every specified interval
  • Possibility to send frames to the RS232 port every specified time interval or after activating the input port
  • Possibility of controlling the diode and digital output (relay)

Odczyt danych RS232

Reading RS232 data.

Data logger operating modes

  • Writing of all incoming data to the RS232 port- e.g. saving data from a load cell after pressing the PRINT button on a load cell or saving data sent cyclically by the load cell.

    Zapis przychodzących danych na port RS232
  • Activation of the digital input followed by writing one frame -data to the RS232 port should come cyclically, but they will not be written until the digital input is activated in the RSD. After the high state of the digital input appears, the recorder will save the first received frame, which will meet the conditions set in the configuration and go on to wait for the next input activation. E.g. load cell connected to external LED display, RSD device connected to RS232 line. Recording is done by pressing the external button.

    Aktywacja wejścia cyfrowego, po którym nastąpi zapis ramki

  • Sending queries by the RSD device- the device has a possibility to send a frame defined in the configuration with a query about a specific time interval. Received frame will be saved in the recorder's memory.

    Wysyłanie zapytań przez RSD
  • Monitoring of vehicle scale passages - RSDrecords information about appearance of weight on the scale whose value is greater than defined in the configuration. Recorder records maximum, stable value of weight or maximum unstable value in case when there was no stable value from entry to exit from the scale. The recorder is also able to control the relay for a certain amount of time after the weight exceeding the set threshold has appeared.

Monitoring przejazdów przez wagę samochodowąRSD recorder software

The manufacturer together with the RSD data recorder provides computer software. It allows to configure the recorder and to read, export and present recorded data. The software has a graphical editor, with the help of which the user can determine where the frames are located. With the software it is possible:

  • reading of the recorded data (previously ripped to a USB key)
  • transfer of the recorded data (previously ripped to a USB key)
  • analysing the data stored in the RSD device memory
  • extraction of data from transmission frames recorded in RSD memory
  • exporting data to csv, txt file
  • efficient configuration of the device

Oprogramowanie rejestratora RSD

Software included in the RSD recorder.

RSD recorder specification

Technical Specification
Compatibility USB 1.0 / 1.1
Compatibility USB 2.0 / 3.0
Connector USB Type A - socket
File format FAT32
Digital inputs/outputs
Number of digital inputs 1
Type of digital input Voltage free
Number of digital outputs 2
Communication interface to the device
Type of interface RS232 (RX, TX, GND lines only) TTL operation possible
Type of connector Screw terminal
Transmission speed From 1200 bps to 115200 bps
Alloy bit 1,2
Communication interface to PC
Type of interface RS232 (RX, TX, GND lines only)
Type of interface (optional) Ethernet (not available in this version)
Power supply 12 V to 24 V DC (max, 300 mA)
Memory Capacity 16 GB
Minimum time between stored frames 50 ms
Mass 40 g
Material Anodized aluminium
Degree of protection IP40
Operating temperature From -20°C to 50°C
Dimensions (in housing) 86 x 57 x 26 mm

Converter - Interface RS232
Package width 12.5 cm
Package height 5 cm
Package depth 8.5 cm
Package weight 0.12 kg

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