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Arduino Education - original kits

Boring science means not effective science! We know that, so in this category you will find educational kits created directly by Arduino Software, which guarantees the highest quality. Educational electronics sets will introduce you and your pupils to the world of programmable electronics. You will learn the basics of programming, robotics and automation. But most importantly, it's amazingly funny! Choose the popular StarterKit K000007 and/or Arduino Pro Gateway AKX00016 kits in our store. These are sets of tools thanks to which the user can learn interesting issues in the field of computer science, electronics, automation and communication robotics. If you are looking for more advanced solutions, be sure to check out the Arduino Pro Gateway educational kit. Inside, you will find a communication gate prepared to use the Long Range Protocol (LoRa). Another Arduino education kit worth recommending is the Arduino StarterKit K000007. The heart of the whole set is the phenomenal Arduino Uno board, which is perfect for any novice programmer. More information can be found below and in the cards of selected products. Check out all the bundles below now!
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Arduino StarterKit K000007 - the official starter set with Arduino Uno A000066

Starter set introducting to the world of Arduino programming. Allows the construction of more than a dozen projects using Arduino and i. a.: temperature sensor, photoresistor,...
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Index: ARD-04796
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Arduino Education – starter kits (not only) for beginners

In the Arduino Education category, we have included all the most important educational kits, thanks to which children, students and adults interested in programming can learn more about intelligent electronics. The most important function of the kits offered in this category is to develop awareness and skills in the field of Arduino programming and in the field of electronics, automation and robotics. Arduino, both a Raspberry Pi, is the largest producer of consumer robotics and programmable electronics in the world. The kits presented here have been fully developed and designed by Arduino Software. By choosing such Arduino educational kits, you can be sure that the novelties learned in this way will bear fruit in your skills of building robots, IoT projects and other prototypes from Arduino components. What's more, the kits have been enriched with detailed technical documentation that you can view before buying (on the manufacturer's website or on the Botland store website). Below we present descriptions of a few selected educational kits.

Arduino Pro Gateway Educational Set

The Arduino Pro Gateway is one of the most interesting sets, which is distinguished by the fact that it includes a LoRa (Long Range) communication gate. Thanks to this, it is possible to connect devices over an area of up to several kilometers. The connection works on the 868 MHz frequency band and guarantees slow data transfer, which means that we have very low electricity consumption. Devices of this type are used in environmental monitoring systems, in building automation processes or in industry. The Pro Gateway educational kit includes a LoRa gateway, a special adapter for the Raspberry Pi minicomputer and a minicomputer with an appropriate power supply and housing. An additional antenna is included in the package to improve the signal, as well as once an antenna and an Ethernet cable.

Arduino StarterKit 000007

The Arduino Starter Kit are kits that were created to introduce new or intermediate users to the world of programming electronics. Such kits will not only enrich us with the necessary programming and technical knowledge, but also in practice will teach you how to create various structures from scratch from Arduino development boards and overlays (Arduino Shields).

In the Arduino StarterKit you get a comprehensive manual in English and as many as 15 electronic projects arranged in order from the easiest to the most difficult. Thanks to this, you will master the use of resistors, buttons or LEDs and use them in the first project. You can easily build a control panel for the vehicle, a weather station, a lamp that changes the color of light and reacts to the environment and complex Internet of Things systems.

In the kit you will find the latest model of Arduino Uno, Arduino Uno Rev. 3. The manufacturer also provided the necessary cables to connect the board to the computer (USB A-B), the contact plate (with 400 holes) with 70 jumpers of various sizes and connecting cables (with male terminals). In the Arduino educational set you will also find photoresistors (VT90N2 LDR), rotary potentiometers (10 kΩ), tact switches, transistors (BC547), MOSFETs (IRF520), capacitors and diodes, and many other necessary components!