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Arduino Education - original kits

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Arduino StarterKit K000007 - the official starter set with Arduino Uno A000066

Starter set introducting to the world of Arduino® programming. Allows the construction of more than a dozen projects using Arduino® and i. a.: temperature sensor,...
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Index: ARD-04796
Index: ARD-04796
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Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Kit with Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense Lite - AKX00028

Arduino® kit consisting of components to start learning about Machine Learning . Based on the kit, there are paid courses created by Harvard University - HarvardX, after...
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Index: ARD-19352
Index: ARD-19352
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Arduino Pro Gateway Kit

The main distinguishing feature of the Arduino Pro Gateway is its Long Range (LoRa) communication gateway. It is characterized not only by a low power consumption, but also by the possibility of getting connection in the area of up to several kilometers. Low power consumption is achieved by using the 868 MHz frequency band and relatively low data transmission. The kit includes a LoRa gateway, Raspberry Pi computer adapter, minicomputer and housing, antenna, power supply and Ethernet cable.

This type of technology is ideal for use in industry – such as in monitoring - building automatics and environmental monitoring systems. Arduino Pro Gateway Kit is perfect for experienced users who want to test their skills in long-term programming. In the kit you will find an appropriate and detailed technical documentation which can be also reviewed now on the manufacturer's website or on the Botland store's website.

Arduino Starter Kit - choose the set you will love!

Arduino Starter Kit is a perfect introduction to Arduino programming for all beginners. The elements included in the kit are completely sufficient to build a variety of devices, encouraging users to further learning and development. To guide beginners through the whole process, the kit includes a comprehensive instruction in English, which includes as many as 15 projects arranged in the appropriate order. The activities will lead the users gradually to a higher level of advancement, until they can grasp the most complex skills. To begin with, users start by learning the basic elements they are going to use in the first project. For example these elements are: resistors, buttons and LEDs. Next, users will have to create interesting projects at a higher level of advancement. They will learn how to build a control panel for the spaceship, a device that studies body temperature, and then a lamp that reacts to the environment and changes the color of light. Finally, they will be able to come up with very advanced projects to control the PC.

What does the kit contain? Parameters

The set has been equipped with the latest model of Arduino Uno Rev 3 board, which is necessary to perform all projects correctly. Moreover, in the set there is a useful wooden stand for Arduino and a practical clip for nine-volt battery, which makes it much easier to connect the power supply to the contact plate. Arduino manufacturer has also provided all the necessary wires to connect the product to the computer (full compatibility with iOS, Windows, Linux), and the contact board with 400 holes and 70 jumpers with connection wires. The set also includes photo resistors (VT90N2 LDR), rotary potentiometers (10 kΩ), buttons (tact switch), transistors (BC547), MOSFET transistors (IRF520), capacitors (100 nF, 100 µF and 100 pF), diodes (1N4007), transparent gel spacers, gold pinstripe (male 40x1), resistors (220 Ω, 560 Ω, 1 kΩ, 4, 7 kΩ, 10 kΩ, 1 MΩ, 10 MΩ), temperature sensor (TMP36), shock and tilt sensor, LCD display (16x2), LEDs (white, multicolor - RGB, red, green, blue and yellow), DC motor, servo, piezo buzzer, H-bridge for motor control (L293DNE), optical isolators and cardboard components which are useful for some tasks. All of the above elements will be used to show users how electronic components work and will serve as an excellent basis for learning.