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Raspberry Pi 4B cameras

Raspberry Pi 4B is the latest board from the popular series of single-board computers. Compared to previous models in this series, the hardware of the latest Pi contains a lot of changes. You can use Raspberry Pi 4B not only as a regular desktop computer but also as a control unit for numerous physical applications. The PCB of the Pi 4B minicomputer also has a CSI connector that allows you to quickly connect the camera module. You can purchase dedicated mini camera modules for Arduino and Raspberry Pi in the Botland store. Each camera module is equipped with a ribbon cable terminated with a plug which is compatible with the CSI connector located on the Raspberry Pi 4B board. We also offer ribbon wire extenders and camera lenses. If you plan to use the camera in outdoor equipment, then it will certainly be good to ensure its proper protection against damage. For this reason, we have also prepared an offer of multi-coloured enclosures that are specially designed for the camera modules for minicomputers from the Raspberry Pi series.

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Raspberry Pi 4B - created for watching movies and photos...and recording too!

Raspberry Pi 4B is the latest model of the most popular single-board minicomputer series in the world. The designers have implemented a lot of hardware changes. Now the latest Raspberry Pi model offers more possibilities - even compared to its predecessors, such as Pi 3B+. The new main processor - Broadcom BCM2711 is especially noticeable. Similarly to the BCM2837B0 chip in the Pi 3B+ model, it is a 64-bit quad-core design, but the clock frequency is tweaked up from 1,4GHz to 1,5GHz. The processor was made as an SoC (System-on-Chip) and in one package it does incorporate a GPU. The Broadcom Video Core VI chip is clocked at 500MHz and HD 1080p and 4K image processing. In addition, Raspberry Pi 4B is available in three versions of RAM memory - 1GB, 2GB and 4GB. A computer equipped in this way works perfectly with various peripheral devices, including a small camera module for taking photos and capturing videos in very good quality.

How to connect the camera module with Raspberry Pi 4B?

Camera modules that are made specially for the Raspberry Pi 4B single board minicomputer are also electronic devices. When assembling them, increased care should be taken due to the possible risk of damage due to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Before unpacking the camera module from the box, make sure you got rid of the electrostatic charge, which you can potentially have on your hands. Just touch a radiator, heat sink or another object that is grounded. In the Botland store offer, we also have antistatic wristbands, which should be connected to the terminal of protection earth in the electrical outlet (only TN-S network). Camera modules for Raspberry Pi are pre-packed in a cardboard box and a bag made of antistatic plastic. After unpacking the camera module, you need to loosen the CSI connector and connect the end of the ribbon cable to it. The CSI (Camera Serial Interface) connector on the Raspberry Pi has been built-in between the 3,5mm TRS audio output and one of the two of the micro HDMI outputs. After connecting the ribbon cable, you have to latch-up the CSI connector - Now you're ready to make your first movie with a Raspberry Pi!

Camera modules for Raspberry Pi 4B - ease of use and amazing image quality!

After connecting the camera module to a Raspberry Pi 4B computer board, the Raspbian Operating System automatically detects the device thanks to the pre-loaded software containing the necessary set of drivers and plugins. The cameras offered by our store allow you to record movies in HD quality. Thanks to this, you can build useful projects, such as a security alarm system with monitoring or a macro focus rail for taking time-lapse photography. The Botland store offer also includes many interesting accessories complementing the cameras. Depending on the type of application you want to use the camera for, we offer a wide range of lenses and filters. If you want to perform video capturing in the darkness, then you will be interested in cameras with night vision function such as ArduCam OV5647 with 5Mpix lens.