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Raspberry Pi 4B USB accessories

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Set of heat sinks for Raspberry Pi with thermoconductive tape + engraving - 3pcs.

Set consisting of three heat sinks in blue, copper and gold with engraved Raspberry Pi logo. They can be used to cool Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+ / 3B / 2B minicomputer circuits.
Index: GRL-15287
Index: GRL-15287
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Bluetooth speakers - lightweight, portable and comfortable to use

The Botland Store does offer a wide selection of wireless Bluetooth speakers. Those are a great alternative opposite the traditional stationary sound system. Because portable Bluetooth speakers are lightweight and do not take up a lot of space, they can be used as a home sound system, as well as as a portable sound system for playing music at parties. The dimensions of the Bluetooth speakers may be different, but most of the models we offer fit into a backpack or small travel bag. Larger speakers, thanks to the amplifier system with increased output power, can also be used as a small, portable sound system for playing karaoke with a microphone on the auxiliary input. Another practical use of such a loudspeaker, as an alternative to headphones, can be a speakerphone for making phone calls. Bluetooth speakers are also equipped with an FM radio module with a wide reception bandwidth. Thanks to the built-in USB input for Pendrive, the micro SD memory card slot and AUX slot for an external MP3 player, we can easily play our favourite music tracks. If your phone starts to inform you about low battery, then you can use the Bluetooth speaker as a power bank to recharge the phone's battery. The battery built into the Bluetooth speaker enables continuous operation for several hours in a row. Power can also be supplied from an external AC/DC wall-wart adapter.

Keyboards that are made for every computer lover

Like the mouse, the keyboard is one of the most important pieces of hardware on computers. The Botland store offer includes high-quality computer keyboards that can also work with the Raspberry Pi 4B. In addition to standard “QWERTY” keyboards, we offer keyboards specially designed to support multimedia devices for playing music as well as movies and photos. If you want to enrich your smartphone and tablet with additional functions, then you will certainly be interested in wireless keyboards that connect to the equipment via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When you use a smartphone or tablet in stationary, you get a more convenient way to enter data concerning typing on the touchscreen. Our offer also includes numeric keyboards, which will be useful if you perform a very large number of tasks on your computer inherent in performing extensive mathematical calculations. We also offer other special types of keyboards. If you travel a lot, the silicone keyboard can be a great choice for you, which you can bend and fold in any way so that it occupies the least amount of space in your bag. For those who work at the computer for many hours daily, we have prepared an offer of specially profiled ergonomic keyboards. This design ensures very comfortable work thanks to the correct positioning of the hands and wrists. Depending on the type of keyboard you want to use, it is good to consider the right computer mouse. We especially recommend wireless models with additional buttons and an anatomically shaped housing that is comfortable for your hand even for long-hours working.