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Video converters

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HDMI Signal Extender - active HDMI extender - 50 m - Waveshare 24017

HDMI Signal Extender is a high-quality extender (signal extender) that provides stable and lossless data transmission at a distance of up to 50 meters . It consists of two...
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Index: WSR-22829
Index: WSR-22829
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HDMI-3xRCA video converter

A device allowing conversion of the signal format   720p/ 1080p to 480i / 576i.  The converter allows you to connect a device equipped with an HDMI connector to a display...
Index: LAM-16924
Index: LAM-16924
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VGA male connector - 2 x VGA female - Lanberg - 200 mm - black

VGA adapter by Lanberg with 200 mm long cable. Terminated with connectors compliant with the video standard. On one end there is a VGA male connector and on the other two...
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Index: IMP-19121
Index: IMP-19121
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Standards, standards, standards...

The VGA port - although it would appear that it has long since been referred to as a technological breakthrough - is still in use, especially in older AV systems. It is not difficult to guess that in the case of e.g. some lecture or conference rooms, rebuilding the installation to replace the cabling between the projector suspended from the ceiling and a lectern or cathedral would often be quite an expensive investment. Therefore, if there is a need to connect the projector to a new computer, it is worth having an HDMI to VGA converter at hand - a small device ensuring full compatibility with various operating systems and generations of computer equipment. What is important, such converters work in plug&play mode - they do not require drivers or dedicated applications, ensuring automatic recognition of the parameters of the signal source and the monitor connected to it (supported resolution, refresh rate, etc.).

Audio support for HDMI converters

Not everyone remembers that HDMI defines not only the digital standard of video data transmission, but also... audio streams. This allows the transmission of information for the video and audio track using a single universal port. To ensure compatibility with legacy end devices, the HDMI VGA converter should be equipped with an additional socket for stereo audio transmission. An example of such a solution is HDMI to VGA + audio converter with a cable - Vention - to the set, in addition to the converter itself, there is also a microUSB cable to power the device and a cable with 3.5 mm jacks, allowing to connect an adapter to the line input of the sound system (mixer or amplifier). Importantly, this product provides full support for Full HD 1080p and 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p transmission. A slightly more compact solution is HDMI to VGA HD31B + audio converter - its small size allows for convenient use of the adapter not only with desktop computers and laptops, but also with single-board mini-computers, such as Raspberry Pi.

Video converters for less commonly used standards

Our offer also includes video converters, providing compatibility with the rarely used standards of AV signal transmission. The HDMI-3x RCA converter converts the digital signal into a composite video waveform in NTSC/PAL/SECAM format and transmits it to a connector popularly called "chinch". Additionally, the device is equipped with two RCA sockets, providing the user with a stereo audio signal. And from here it is a simple way to any sound system - after all, most of the equipment, both amateur and professional, still offers the possibility of connecting line outputs in the RCA standard. An interesting option for people interested in archiving old VHS recordings will certainly be EasyCap Capture Video Converter USB 2.0 - a special video converter that converts analog signals into digital data stream, possible to save or further process on any computer with Windows XP/Vista/7. In our offer you will also find an analogous device of the well-known Gembird brand - Video Grabber UVG-002.