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Gravity - communication modules

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Gravity: UART OBLOQ - IOT Module (Microsoft Azure)

Module introducing to the world of IoT (Internet of Things). It brings together systems of mobile, network technologies, creating an intelligent system. It makes that hardware,...
Index: DFR-11081
Index: DFR-11081
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Gravity - WiFi IoT communication module - DFRobot TEL0126

WiFi module equipped with a Gravity compatible connector, manufactured by DFRobot. It supports multiple development platforms including Arduino, MakeCode and Mind+. It can...
Index: DFR-19017
Index: DFR-19017
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Gravity - communication module with NFC tag - I2C/UART - DFRobot DFR0231-H

Gravity series communication module with NFC tag manufactured by DFRobot. It uses an integrated NXP PN532 communication controller that supports various types of smart...
Index: DFR-19024
Index: DFR-19024
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Internet of Things technology in practice

Such technical solutions as intelligent houses and vehicles have until recently only existed in the form of conceptual outlines. Programmable light scenes, schedule-controlled air conditioning and heating, automatic pet food dispensers, and multifunctional voice assistants are just a few of the many examples of state-of-the-art technical solutions for intelligent installations in which Internet of Things technology finds a wide range of practical applications. There are many fields of science and technology in which the concepts developed so far remain in the realm of theory, but as the topic develops, they may become reality. To this end, it is worth reaching for the technology of the Internet of Things, which already makes it possible to create numerous intelligent designs of electronic devices. Although it may sound like a scenario for a sci-fi movie - imagine that you built a circuit switching the power of a bedside lamp, which you can control from a smartphone from anywhere in the world - now it is possible to do this even at home! Just use the small but extremely versatile DFRobot Gravity OBLOQ module!

DFRobot Gravity OBLOQ - the perfect IoT prototyping module for beginners!

Available in Botland, OBLOQ module from DFRobot Gravity series is a small prototyping board, which despite its size - can really do a lot! Built-in specialized ESP8266 chip from Espressif Systems is a versatile microcontroller, which in addition to supporting the basic digital hardware communication interfaces, also supports wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi - a fundamental element for any project made in accordance with the assumptions of the Internet of Things technology. The ability to interact with the Microsoft Azure cloud and the simple, intuitive operation are advantages that particularly appeal to the OBLOQ module as a tool to introduce novice DIYers to the world of IoT. The OBLOQ module can be powered by 3.3V or 5.0V and can work with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, as well as other base boards running on these logic voltage level standards. The built-in Wi-Fi communication chip operates at 2.4GHz. OBLOQ module communicates with base module through 4-pin JST connector, which includes power supply line and UART serial transmission interface. Thanks to its small size and low weight, the OBLOQ module fits perfectly in most applications where space is limited. A 4-pin Gravity connection cable is also included.