TB9051FTG - 2-channel motor driver 28V/2.6A - Shield for Arduino - Pololu 2520

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Modul with dual driver of motors TB9051FTG working with voltages from 4.5 V to 28 V and current up to 2.6 A per channel (max. 5 A). The system can be connected directly with the Arduino connectors. The module for self-assembly.

TB9051FTG - 2-channel motor driver 28V/2.6A - Shield for Arduino - Pololu 2520
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Manufacturer: Pololu
Compatibility: Arduino


  • Supply voltage: 4.5 V to 28 V
  • Continuous output current per channel: 2.6 A
  • The maximum short-term current per channel: 5 A
  • PWM frequency: up to 20 kHz
  • Protection from incorrect power supply attachment
  • Designed for Arduino connectors
  • The possibility to power Raspberry using an optional controller (not included)
  • The Arduino libraryfor easier maintenance of the module
  • Dimensions: 51 x 48 mm
  • Weight: 11 g (without connectors)



The module is based on two TB9051FTGsystems, it lets you control the motors with supply voltage of up to 28 V and continuous current consumption of up to 2.6 A. The driver withstands seconds of jumping current up to 5 A. The speed of rotation can be controlled by the signalPWM.

Pololu TB9051FTG

Board requires self-soldering.

In conjunction withArduino, using a specially preparedlibraries,you can easily control the speed and direction of rotation of two DC motors. Form and pins of the board allow for direct connection to minicomputer, as shown on the pictures.


The product is compatible with Arduino

The manufacturer provides alibrary for users ofArduino.

Pololu TB9051FTG


Basic functions

  • Automatic current limit which helps to avoid overheating and shutdown
  • The output voltage, which enables to check the current consumption (500 mV / A, works when the bridge H is active)
  • LEDs signaling the motor's work
  • The module can provide power directly to the Arduino or through an additional module, for example,the converter D24V10F5
  • The mapping of pins can be changed if the default is not needed
  • The second access to most of the pins via the pins on the left side of the module
  • Open soldering point for each driver in the bottom of the BOARD
  • Protection against reverse polarity

Voltage to 4.5 V
Voltage from 28.0 V
Current 2.6 A
Channels 2
Package width 12 cm
Package height 0.7 cm
Package depth 15 cm
Package weight 0.024 kg

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