Linear Actuator LA10 500N 13mm/s 12V - 10cm stroke

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Electric linear actuator with 500 N (50 kg) lifting capacity. Powered by 12 V. The actuator's extension is 10 cm. It operates at 13 mm/sec. The device has a protection class IP65.

Linear Actuator LA10 500N 13mm/s 12V - 10cm stroke
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LA10 electric actuator - extension:
Manufacturer: Wallstech

Product description: electric actuator LA10 500N 13mm/sec 12V - 10cm extension

Electriclinearactuatorwith500 N(50 kg)lifting capacity.Powered by 12 V. The actuator'sextensionis 10 cm.It operates at 13 mm/sec. The device has aprotectionclassIP65. Thanks to built-inlimit switches LA10, it is protected against exceeding the maximum extension range.

As withDC motors,the direction is changed by reversing the polarity.

Siłownik elektryczny LA10 1000N 10mm/s 12V - wysuw 10cm

LA10 500 N 13 mm/sec 12 V electric actuator - 10 cm extension.

Example application of the LA10 500N linear actuator

  • Industrial and agricultural machinery components
  • In home automation, as an element to regulate tilting of doors, windows, gates
  • Position control of solar panels in photovoltaic installations
  • Precision automation components
  • In the automotive industry for height adjustment of, among others, the plough in quads

Siłownik elektryczny LA10 1000 N 10 mm/s 12 V

Electric actuator LA10 500 N 13 mm/sec 12 V. Other types oflinearactuators are also available.

LA10 12 V electric actuator specification

Name Parameter
Supply voltage 12 V DC
Speed 13 mm/s
Maximum power 500 N (50 kg)
Duty cycle 25%
Extension length S 100 mm
Overall length in assembled state Lmin 209 mm
Diameter 20 mm
Safeguards Limit switches

Wymiary siłownika LA 10Dimensions of LA10 actuator - 10 cm extension.

Voltage to 12.0 V
Voltage from 12.0 V
Torque 50 kg*cm
Voltage nominal 12 V
Motor - eject 10 cm
Package width 23 cm
Package height 5.5 cm
Package depth 9.5 cm
Package weight 0.942 kg

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