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There are plenty of valuable newspapers on electronics, robotics, automatics and programmable electronics. In this category we present you the most interesting - in our subjective opinion - papers on these topics. Here you will find papers dedicated for advanced engineers as well as some educational materials that will improve programming skills of any person who is now a beginner in the world of robots and intelligent machines!

In the Botland store offer you will find magazines for electronics designed not only for experienced but also beginners who are making their first steps in this field. The MagPi available in our assortment is one of the most popular magazines published in English, thanks to which you will gain extremely useful knowledge, with the possibility of its immediate use in practice. The magazine is very popular among both professionals and people who deal with electronics as a hobby.

Best magazines on electronics

Professional magazines devoted to electronic issues are unfortunately not so popular at all. However, we are pleased that the activity of our store contributes to the popularization of electronic and robotics topics. Therefore, our assortment could not lack industry scientific and popular science magazines devoted to the topic of programmable electronics.

What will you find in this category? First of all, our range includes The MagPi magazines, from which you will learn all the most interesting news from the world of Raspberry Pi. What's more, you will learn how to connect various sensors and modules to the minicomputer, you will learn how to run older games and what is the best way to connect the Raspberry Pi to the GSM network. However, this is not all, because the illustrated project instructions were created in such a way that even novice users without experience can understand each stage of implementation.

Check what magazines for electronics we have prepared for you! Some of them are for real experts! They also don't get bored with this offer. In individual more advanced magazines you will find stuff that will allow you to systematize your knowledge. You will also gain new skills such as creating games in C ++ on Raspberry Pi, using a minicomputer as an extremely useful server, creating a text game from scratch and many more.

Gain new knowledge with Botland

In the world of electronics, everything is changing dynamically, so keep up to date with new products. Use the knowledge from the presented magazines when constructing new electronic projects or IoT projects (Internet of Things). We sell magazines where you can find information about upcoming trade fairs and industry events. Thanks to their presence you will gain knowledge and inspiration for further projects. At events for electronics you can meet many interesting people who build extremely interesting projects.

Get information on artificial intelligence and extensive management options for selected cameras with a minicomputer! The magazines we offer will provide information and interesting facts about many projects, thanks to which every electronics will certainly find something for themselves. Order your magazines now!

Books, newspapers and educational materials

We will provide you with some educational materials that are great for children of all ages and can be also used by some older users. See our available offer in the Botland store. These kind of materials teach creative and logical thinking. They develop useful problem solving skills. In turn, in this category and its sub-categories you will find many different kind of interesting educational courses that will increasingly improve your mechanical and programming skills!

Building your own robots will become much easier and you will be able to construct the machine you want in a more enjoyable way! We invite you to place orders!