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Educational games

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MAKERbuino - super-duper cable link cable for multiplayer games

Cable that connects two or more consoles from MAKERbuino. It allows for multiplayer play and data transfer between consoles. Length - 1m.
Index: CIM-13173
Index: CIM-13173
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Kitronik ARCADE console for MakeCode Arcade - Kitronik 5311

The Kitronik Arcade portable gaming console is a device designed for beginners as well as advanced users, giving you the ability to create your own games using the MakeCode...
Index: KTR-16144
Index: KTR-16144
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Robobloq Qobo - educational robot to learn to code

Robobloq Qobo is a small robot that will interest children in programming without using the display. Designed for children from the age of 3 , it will show them that they...
Index: RBQ-15907
Index: RBQ-15907
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ARCADE console for MakeCode Arcade - Retail Pack - Kitronik 5319

Kitronik Arcade is a small console for games created by yourself in MakeCode Arcade or using JavaScript or Python. The board has a 1.77" colour LCD display. 6 action...
Index: KTR-16882
Index: KTR-16882
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In our store you will find products for students of all ages, so choosing a particular model is not a problem. There is no better idea for spending free time with children than learning through play. The games we offer guarantee many hours of interesting gameplay for both toddlers and adults. The Botland assortment also includes school copies from which your child will learn many interesting things, e.g. about electricity. The educational game is extremely addictive, so it is a good alternative to a computer or smartphone.

Multimedia educational games for you and your children

In this category we offer unusual educational games that entertain and teach. They are often very custom multimedia games. Thanks to them, it becomes possible to quickly master the basic concepts used in programming.

Different games work differently and have different rules. For example, in some games of this type, participants are placing blocks that create programming commands. Thanks to such constructed entertainment (often based on competition!), Children develop mathematical intuition and logical thinking. They learn how to work in a team.

What's more, the Botland online store also offers educational kits for schools and universities, as well as research centers and other educational centers. These are products that in a very accessible way not only show the principles of operation of current, but also allow you to conduct interesting experiments using electromagnets and motors.

You can play educational games presented in this category with your children and you will also be satisfied. Under your supervision, the child will learn everything about the basics of soldering and constructing robots. You and your children will learn what programming microcontrollers in C / C ++ is, how drones work, or remote controlled robots. It's much more than fun. The acquired electronic knowledge can turn into a new hobby, which in the future will turn into a profession.

Educational robots and games for children

In the Botland range you will also find robots designed to learn programming from an early age. Choose one of the offered sets. The kit includes a wooden robot that communicates via a Bluetooth module that allows you to play both at home and in the school room. The product is a great solution for children who spend too much time in front of a computer screen, but not only. In addition, in the educational set you will find a control board, a board used during the game, a book and a dozen or so wooden blocks. The latter elements are a kind of programming language. Buy such a set to teach children the basics of programming from an early age. Then they can easily learn more complicated things such as building robots by themselves.

Other sets for children

Of course, we also encourage you to purchase other educational kits. What to consider when choosing?

First of all, the educational game should be addictive and interesting for children. For this reason, in our assortment you will find ready-made programming learning kits for creating projects such as intelligent home, innovative clothes and much more.

Electronic and IT knowledge is transmitted in an accessible and understandable way. The products presented are therefore easy to use. Learning takes place through play. The multimedia educational game is one of the most interesting gifts you can give your child. In addition, the shared moments spent solving various puzzles will be the best memory. Choose products that will appeal to you and your loved ones. We encourage you to place orders not only individual customers, but companies, schools and public institutions. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!