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Books about microcontrolers

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However, before we start creating our own cyborg, it is worth to learn how microcontrollers work. For this purpose, you can choose any of the below valuable books. Books about microcontrollers available in our store are aimed at both advanced DIY enthusiasts and completely beginners. Everyone will find the reading they need.

A wide range of books means that choosing a specific item suited to your interests is not a problem. Many of our titles contain a number of illustrated translations, so even beginners should have no trouble understanding the problem.

What is worth to learn about microcontrollers? What are they for?

At present, effective learning on the matter how to create robots means learning how to use modern microcontrollers. For this reason, it is so important that every DIY - beginner and more advanced - broaden his knowledge on a regular basis. This is especially important when you want to buy Arduino or Raspberry Pi programmable electronics sets.

For the above reasons, in this category we offer the best books on microcontrollers that are used in robotics and programming. Here you will find extremely practical readings about the Arduino platform and Raspberry Pi. A series of sketches and precise descriptions will allow you not only to get to know the board accurately, but also to learn how to operate LED and OLED displays, learn the basics of programming necessary for the effective use of Arduino, learn to use EEPROM and Flash memory and many other interesting things. Books on microcontrollers available in our assortment will also interest people interested in the Raspberry Pi minicomputer.

Books on Raspberry Pi available in our store allow you to quickly acquire skills even for people without any experience, thanks to which they will build e.g. a robot controlled via Bluetooth. The illustrated assembly instructions are so detailed that with a little free time and desire every project will be successful. It is also worth reaching for specialized publications (also available in the Botland store) that address the issues of STM32 microcontrollers. This topic is particularly important for DIY enthusiasts who want to develop their skills in the use of network protocols in robotic projects.

Books on microcontrollers and programming

In the Botland store we offer readings from which you will learn all the most important information about AVR microcontrollers. This advanced subject is mainly intended for students of technical universities. The issues raised are used in business and science around the world. In addition, we suggest buying books on programming USB interfaces in microcontrollers. Thanks to this, you will learn everything about the basics of this type of device. Of course, the publications differ from each other, so everyone will find something interesting here!

Start exploring the secrets of modern microcontrollers now!

Our store offers extremely interesting books that will help you learn how to program microcontrollers. Books on microcontrollers are an invaluable source of practical knowledge, thanks to which you will build many interesting projects.

The presented products have a positive impact on the overall development of skills such as analytical thinking, creativity, and the ability to draw logical conclusions. Books are not only useful for people who want to create their own robot. It is also great educational material for adults who dream of making their own internet of things system at home.

Choose one of the books now – for yourself, for your children or for students if you are a teacher. We invite you to contact us – we'll be happy to help you choose the right product.